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Do You Think The Philadelphia Eagles Will Sweep The Redskins?

Two days ago I posted an article proclaiming the Philadelphia Eagles will sweep the Washington Redskins this season. I had a couple of comments that did not appreciate the article. However, I believe they will beat them both games. My argument was that the Redskins were terrible last season. A point was brought up that the Eagles’ 2012 was pretty bad and the following season they won the division. Why could’t the Redskins do the same? Well, read below and I will tell you why the Eagles will sweep.

Eagles’ 2012 season was abysmal. The difference is the Eagles had quarterback Michael Vick who had obviously lost his way that season. In the ten games he played he threw ten interceptions, had four fumbles with twelve touchdowns. His passer rating was 78.1. Eagles’ 2013 Season found quarterback Nick Foles at the helm. In the 13 games he played he three 27 touchdowns, two interceptions, two fumbles and a passer rating of 119.2. So you cannot compare the two seasons because they had different quarterbacks and different coaches. Apples and oranges there.

Griffin’s season, the same quarterback for both seasons, were very different. Injury or not, he was bad in 2013. He threw 16 touchdowns, twelve interceptions, six fumbles. His passer rating was 82.2. I don’t think he will be any better this season. He acts like a Diva. He said, “The coach shut me down,” in response to being benched last season. In an interview yesterday he still talks like it happened last week or something. That has Diva written all over it. Can’t move beyond the past. Even DeSean Jackson can’t bail him out from that.

Check out his Twitter account. AND he has his own logo. Who does that? New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has three Super Bowl rings and he doesn’t have a logo. If anyone has earned the right to create their own logo, Brady does. That is a ME attitude.

He will show his true self after three or four games into the season when they have a losing record. Who will he blame then?

What do you think?

Here is today’s poll question. 

Do you think the Eagles will sweep the Redskins this season?

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  • my

    You’re assuming a lot here. That the NFL hasn’t started to figure Chip’s system out. That Foles won’t start to struggle ( he showed signs of struggling toward the end he season) and have a sophomore slump. That the defense especially the secondary will not be last in the league.

  • my

    You win in college with systems. You win in the nfl with talent. Chip is getting rid of talent to build a system. Don’t even mention the Patriots, by the way. Chip is no Belichick and Foles is no Brady.

  • Ryan

    Last year was foles sophomore season so I guess your predicting a junior jump back? Teams had a week to pre pair for the Eagles and couldn’t stop them last year and if foles was looking bad how did they put up 50 on the bears and throw 34 td against the vikings and throw 2 against the cowboys a game we won and with won the division. It sounds like you are really bias. I don’t think the Eagles will sweep the skins but I do think they are a better team and will have a better record. I also heard no comparison to Brady and the pats from an eagle standpoint I heard him compare Griffin to him and say he isn’t even close to his level which is true and always will be. RG3 sucks and will continue to be a whiny brat cause that’s how he was raised. Enjoy your racist team.

  • trinity

    I was the one who made the comment about the eagles being awful the year before they won the division. I’m baffled that you don’t see the similarities here. The eagles were bad because Michael Vick screwed up, and they had a different coaching staff than this past season. Well rg3 lost his way as well. He wasn’t 100% health wise, and you’re right, he did act like a jerk. Well this year by all accounts, team chemistry is good and he is completely back to his rookie form health wise. We all saw what he did as a rookie, and his camp says he will be even better than ever. And guess what? There is a new coaching staff in place for this season, just like the eagles of last season. Again, I don’t see how you don’t see the similarities here.

  • trinity

    I agree with you 1000% percent. You stated that point beautifully. Let us not forget that even with desean it took the very last game of the season for them to lock up the division, and then they were one and done in the playoffs. All this talk of superbowls is very hasty.

  • trinity

    It’s fair to wonder if the eagles will stumble because last year was up and down. They had good moments and terrible moments. The good points being everything you named. But what about when they only put up 3 points on the cowboys? What about that defense getting raped by the Denver Broncos to the tune of 52-20? It took them all the way to the final game of the season to lock up a weak division, and then they were one and done in the playoffs.

    Maybe this year they gell even more and put on an amazing performance. But considering the inconsistencies of last season, plus the fact that desean is now down the street with a division rival, it’s completely understandable that he would be skeptical.

  • joe

    Desean jackson is mediocre in west coast systems good luck.

  • joe

    This makes zero sense. Do you know ANYTHING about his offense? If not I suggest you research it. His defense he uses is also the only type of defense he feels could stop his offense. He’s as much a defensive coach as he is offensive, as his offense is strictly built on countering defensive looks and taking the weakness their defense shows and use it. Even Sean Payton said the NFC east is in trouble cause that offense can be unstoppable. Rob Ryan was throwing fits during that saints game, we manipulated his top 5 defense well. Good luck :D

  • joe

    Also rg3 is a better red zone QB than Vick all around.

  • joe

    Only 4 touchdowns total 2011-2012.

  • joe

    Enjoy your dumbass brain.

  • trinity

    How is it unstoppable? Not trying to be rude, I just want to know why you think it’s unstoppable. They did get stopped last year. Remember, they only won 10 games, it took them to the last game of the season to lock up what was a mediocre division, and they were one and done at home in the playoffs, against a team that had bummed all year on the road. I actually think it was a successful season seeing as how it was chip’s first year, and they had been so bad the year before, but I am baffled as to why people keep saying this offense is unstoppable