Aug 9, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; The New England Patriots offense and Philadelphia Eagles defense line up for a play during the second half of a preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field. The Patriots won 31-22. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles Still Have A Good Defense

With all the focus on the 2014 NFL Draft it seems that we may have forgotten that the Philadelphia Eagles still have a good defense. It may not be a lights-out defense but they are good. And they were getting better at the end of last season. Philadelphia Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans has a little age on him but he was the anchor of their squad.

In a recent article at Ryans talked about the defense and his vision for them getting better. With the addition of New Orleans Saints safety Malcom Jenkins he feels pretty upbeat about the direction they are heading.

In the offseason you knew they’d make some changes. I feel like we got another good safety in Jenkins. … He’s a vocal guy and he’s a playmaker.

With the addition of Jenkins the Eagles have improved their defense. Next season looks promising now. So hopefully they can add a pass rusher or a shut-down cornerback in the draft. That would go a long way in solidifying the Eagles’ defense this season.

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  • John Down

    Hi, Todd. Sorry to burst your bubble, so to speak, but the official NFL stats don’t lie. Those stats indicate that the Eagles need more than just “solidifying,” as you call it. To wit: 2013 Total Defense-29th; Passing Defense – 32nd; and Run Defense – 10th. So if you are just referring to the latter category, I would agree with you. Otherwise, the Eagles are a long way off from being a solid defense. They need help at all three position areas: line, linebacking, and backfield. They would like to be able to occasionally move Bennie Logan outside due to his arm length, but they have no one of any quality to back him up at NT. They need an OLB to replace Cole who is aging and has big contract issues for next year. They would like one of their guys to step up to back up in the middle, like Goode, Acho, or Knott who is on a 4-game suspension for PEDs. They could draft an ILB because Ryans and Kendricks statistically were pretty bad last year (see Pro Football Focus for the analyses). Cary Williams potentially will need to be replaced in 2015 and you can never count on Bradley Fletcher to make it through the entire season without missing games due to injury (he was fine last year). They will need more than Nolan Carroll and Brandon Boykin (slot only – too small) as added corners. Safety is a position of need but I do not see the Eagles nabbing one in the draft based on Howie’s comments (unless he is blowing smoke). Chip Kelly admits that they are far from finished on defense. Let’s see what they do to shore up this “leaking boat” known as the Eagles pass defense.

  • Charles Smith

    But middle of the pack in scoring defense. It’s a scoreboard not a yardage board.

  • John Down

    Yeah, I know, bend not break. Still, the team itself says it is a long way off from being complete on Defense. To wit, they picked a DE/OLB from Louisville in round 1 (rated a 2nd rounder), so the team put its money where its collective mouth is. We’ll see what they do with the rest of the draft.

  • joe

    You’re ridiculous.