Dec 1, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders perform prior to playing the Arizona Cardinals at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Cardinals 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Predicting The Entire NFL Season: Week 9 (Eagles at Texans)

Before we get started on the latest edition of our way-too-early NFL predictions, I feel it’s important to address last week’s post. Ladies, gentlemen, let’s be civil, OK? This is purely for entertainment purposes. My opinions will in no way, shape or form influence the outcomes of actual games played during the actual season. OK?

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s a look at the projected NFL standings through Week 8.

AFC EASTWinsLosses
Buffalo Bills62
New England Patriots62
Miami Dolphins25
New York Jets26
Cincinnati Bengals61
Baltimore Ravens62
Pittsburgh Steelers44
Cleveland Browns15
Indianapolis Colts62
Houston Texans43
Tennessee Titans25
Jacksonville Jaguars17
AFC WESTWinsLosses
Denver Broncos52
Kansas City Chiefs34
San Diego Chargers35
Oakland Raiders25
NFC EASTWinsLosses
New York Giants52
Philadelphia Eagles52
Washington Redskins35
Dallas Cowboys35
Green Bay Packers53
Detroit Lions44
Chicago Bears35
Minnesota Vikings17
New Orleans Saints43
Carolina Panthers44
Atlanta Falcons44
Tampa Bay Buccaneers25
NFC WESTWinsLosses
Seattle Seahawks61
Arizona Cardinals52
St. Louis Rams43
San Francisco 49ers34

A lot of the division races are starting to take shape. New England and Buffalo; Baltimore and Cincinnati; New York Giants and Philadelphia; and Seattle and Arizona look to be in battles. Other divisions are muddy messes.

Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay and Tennessee have byes this week. The rest of the NFL will try to separate themselves.

Saints @ Panthers: Big Thursday Night matchup here. The Panthers are coming off a huge win over Seattle and will ride that emotion to a bigger win here. Carolina 26, New Orleans 24

Buccaneers @ Browns: The good people of Cleveland need good things to happen every once in a while, right? Better days are ahead, and this game will be a glimpse of that. Cleveland 40, Tampa Bay 23

Cardinals @ Cowboys: Coming off a tough loss, Arizona will get a tough win on the road. One wonders if by this point in the season Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be both healthy and starting. Arizona 28, Dallas 20

Jets @ Chiefs: A week ago, the Jets won a game they should have lost. The Chiefs lost a game they should have won. The universe has a way of correcting itself. Kansas City 33, New York Jets 21

Jaguars @ Bengals: The Bengals have a great chance to start piling up some wins here. Cincinnati 43, Jacksonville 13

Chargers @ Dolphins: It’s always tough to go across the country, and when two evenly-matched teams meet up, go with home field. Miami 25, San Diego 20

Redskins @ Vikings: Two bad teams? Again, go with home field. Minnesota 27, Washington 21

Rams @ 49ers: How good is the NFC West? These are the teams at the bottom of that division right now. Scary. San Francisco 36, St. Louis 28

Broncos @ Patriots: Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Fun stuff, sure, but really, this Denver schedule is brutal. Lucky for them, it gets slightly better after this week, but for now, it’s going to be tough. New England 29, Denver 24

Raiders @ Seahawks: Oakland goes on the road a week after Seattle’s first loss. Yikes. Seattle 37, Oakland 7

Ravens @ Steelers: Baltimore gets back on a roll. Baltimore 26, Pittsburgh 16

Colts @ Giants: A good Monday Night Football game here. I think the Giants need this game more, and they’re at home, and that’s a recipe for victory. New York Giants 24, Indianapolis 17

Eagles @ Texans: Bye week, at Arizona, at Houston. A long time away from home for Philadelphia Eagles and head coach Chip Kelly. This is a time in the season where Houston is starting to come back to earth and the Eagles should be fairly fresh with the recent bye. Philadelphia 30, Houston 20

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  • J.B. Abell

    Look, so I know this is for fun, but you clearly lack some basic insight. Having the 49ers 3-4 with two loses to the bloody Rams (who yes, are a good team and have gotten better) is just ridiculous. I mean you do realize that the 49ers were ranked at the top last year in terms of injuries and still managed 12 wins? They had no Crabtree, no Manningham, no Quinton Patton, and so no WR other then double-covereged Boldin. Kaepernick was being held back so that he could practice his pocket passing, which he slowly but surely progressed at throughout the season (and then low and behold averaged 50-75 more passing yards a game once Crabtree came back). There were injuries and time missed by Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Mike Iupati, Chris Culliver (whole season), Ian Williams (whole season), Tank Carradine (whole season), Glenn Dorsey, Aldon Smith, and Ray Macdonald. I’m sure I missed some too. My point being, they made it to the playoffs without many of their key players. They have a lot fewer injuries this year. Their offense looks ridiculous with the addition of Stevie Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, Andre Ellington, healthy Quinton Patton, and Carlos Hyde. Their depth at defense showed pretty strongly last year when major injuries to their D-line plagued them…I’m just confused. You have the Eagles scoring ridiculous amounts of points on some of the best defenses in football (Arizona and ST. Louis). Although I expect you to be a little biased towards your team so whatever…The niners were the best team in the NFC West two years ago, then they were plagued by injuries and lost the division by a single game last year. They have gotten worlds better and have many less injuries heading into the 2014 season. The Seahawks meanwhile have lost more talent then just about any team in football. They are also a deep team too and will remain at the top of the pack but won’t be nearly as dominant as you seem to think. I thought at first maybe you really just don’t like the niners (because it would take a lot of ignoring the facts to predict what you have predicted so far for them), but then you had them beating Philly so I’m stumped. I know there is no actual logic behind it though. I’ve heard a lot of people predicting a niner drop this season (just like they did last season). Every Rams and Cardinals fan was saying it all last offseason. Wishful thinking.

  • hunsinator

    “Look, so I know this is for fun, but you clearly lack some basic insight. Having the 49ers 3-4 with two loses to the bloody Rams (who yes, are a good team and have gotten better) is just ridiculous.”

    Rams @ 49ers: How good is the NFC West? These are the teams at the bottom of that division right now. Scary. San Francisco 36, St. Louis 28

  • Cutler2Marshall312

    So your telling me that Carolina is going to beat the Saints after coming off one of there most physical & punishing games of the season going against Seattle…NO has a nice secondary & Carolina at best has a average WR core to go along with Rob Ryan putting heavy amounts of pressure on Cam…This will be a nice road win for NO..#BOOKIT

  • J.B. Abell

    No. I can see the Rams maybe winning one. They can beat anyone on a good day and they have given the niners trouble in recent years even when the niners have topped the division. You keep saying that the niners are “at the bottom of the division right now”. Do you mean in your little projections?? lol Welcome to reality where the niners have been neck and neck with the Seahawks for the best team in football for a couple years now. The niners have a better offense and defense then the Cardinals. They also have better coaching (or do you buy into that BS media hype intended to make the niners FO look like its in shambles). Look, I’m all for these projections, but you are going to have to do better then just automatically placing the niners in the bottom of their division without any supporting evidence. Just because you want to see them there doesn’t mean they will be. They have been and will continue to be one of the most dominant teams in football. Until you provide plausible and legitimate reasons as to why the niners might slip then you are really just talking out of your behind. These aren’t that entertaining if you are just pulling numbers out of a hat. The niners have gotten better since last year. They had one of the best drafts despite being so low in draft order. They are possibly the deepest team in the NFL now that the Seahawks unloaded half their team. If you are going to write about football show your knowledge of the sport and explain to me why the niners will be at the bottom of the division besides just a hunch. You can’t take a team that has gone to the NFC championship three times in a row and by all accounts has gotten better over the offseason and just say “well they are at the bottom of the division” how so??? Like I said, I’m not taking it personally I just am interested as to whether or not you have actually thought this through or if this is just some fantasy article based on your own perceptions of how good teams are and not on actual facts.

  • J.B. Abell

    I mean I have given you all these facts and all these reason as to why the niners will do much better then you have projected so far and yet all you came back with was an untrue statement followed by a reiteration of your projection. You can’t use “niners are in the bottom of the division” to prove that the niners will be at the bottom of the division when it is not even true yet. If you believe it will be true then why is that?? You have to use facts/information to justify why you think Niners will be in the bottom of the division because right now they have had more combined wins then any team in that division for the past three years. Right now they are at right there at the top of the division. What makes you think they won’t be next year?

  • J.B. Abell

    Yeah, according to this guy the Panthers are going to score 55 total points against the Seahawks and Saints, two of the stingiest defenses in football. Not sure this guy really follows anyone besides the Eagles. He seems to have a very shallow knowledge of any other team and how football really works. The Panthers offense lost all of its weapons last year. They will be a solid team because Cam Newton is a decent QB and their defense is a beast, but they will lose to most top teams. The Panthers scored more then 13 points only ONCE against elite defenses (Seahawks, Saints, Niners, Cardinals) and that time they still only scored 17 points. That was WITH Steve Smith and Tedd Ginn. This guy is absolutely DELUSIONAL if he thinks they will rack up 28 points against the Seahawks and 26 points against a Saints defense that has improved (even though they already had the #4 ranked defense)…Honestly I can see the Saints maybe losing a game to the Panthers. But on 4 days rest from a Seahawks game I have to agree with you. No way Panthers win this one.

  • Cutler2Marshall312

    Couldn’t have said it better myself #YouNailedit