Philadelphia Eagles Fans Fantasy Football Team Names 2014

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Aug 21, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) looks to run during the first quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This week Philadelphia Eagles fans fantasy football team names 2014 is out again with an updated list. The Fantasy Football Draft is getting started in less than two weeks. Here at Inside the Iggles we search the web for some creative names and we’ve come up with some of our own. It’s been two weeks since our last list so we wanted to add a few more to our growing list.

Money is at stake but more importantly bragging rights are on the line. Eagles fans across the world will undoubtedly go with their hearts and pick some of the Eagles players when they know full well they shouldn’t. But for some reason, we cannot help ourselves. But probably the most important aspect of Fantasy Football is the team name.

Below is an updated list of names we’ve been able to locate or create. We’ll update this list a few times before the season begins. If you think of a name that isn’t on the list put it in the comments below and we can add it the next time we submit it. Here is the non-exhaustive list so far.

We welcome any creative names you can come up with.

UPDATE: 8/28/2014

Two new ones from our readers.



Update: 8/26/2014

4th and 26
Acho! Gesundteight
Air Jordan Matthews
Alex (I Likes) a Straight Kick
Are You Josh(ing) Me?
Backfields and McCoys
Don’t Be A Molk
Herman’s Miracle
Hungry Like the Wolff
I Miss Brian Dawkins
I Miss Brian Westbrook
I Think I’m Gonna Earl Wolff
I’m Gonna Huff and Puff
I’m Mattman
It’s Beau Time!
Just Sproles With It
LeSean of the Dead
Marcus Arrelious Ceasar
No Harm, No Foles
Roc of Ages
Rock and Sproles
Root of all Eagle
Shurmur; He Wrote
Sproles Royce
Super Cooper
The Butt Fumbles
The Ertz Locker
Thornton in my Side
Time for Carroll(ing)
One Hart is Better Than None
Zach Man Do

Update: 8/10/2014

Burton Ernie
Barkley Downs
Casey James’ Locker
Casey at the Plate
Boone’s Farm
Brother, Kinne You Spare a Dime
Ed Reynolds Wrap
Fluellen DeGeneres
Huff, He Was Gone
I’m Maclin This Look Good
Jake’s Knott Here
Kee Lan Pie
Krispy Karim
Love Ertz
My Cousin Vinny
My Name Is Earl
None of You’s Guys Call Me Frances
Settle Down, Frances
Scotty, I Need Momah Power!
Your Maclin Me Angry

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