Muts Land Santana

The New York Mets have agreed to a trade for two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana, giving up four prospects to acquire the left-handed ace of the Minnesota Twins, according to two high-ranking Twins officials with knowledge of the talks and a person close to Santana.

The deal is pending the Mets and Santana reaching agreement on a six- or seven-year contract extension and that Santana passes a physical; they have been granted a 48 to-72-hour window to do so. Santana has a no-trade clause that he will waive if agreement is reached on a contract extension.

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The Phillies big time move of Pedro Feliz just doesn’t seem so great anymore. Once again the Phillies prove that they are a bunch of losers who just can not compete in Major League Baseball.

After winning the division for the first time in 14 stinkin years, they decided not to make a push for a World Series, but to instead sign a bunch of average stinkin bums!

First they trade for a headcase closer, then they let Aaron Rowand walk, and now they let Johan Santana go to New York.

Phuck the Phillies! I hate them! They never do what it takes to win. I hate their phucking budget, I hate their phucking stupid manager, I hate their Phucking over the hill GM, I hate their Phucking dead farm system, and I hate how they phucking jew it up with Ryan Howard!

I hope all of the Phucking cheap Phillies owners die!

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