Chris Cooley Calls Brent Celek a Fantasy Sleeper

This might be sacrilegious among Eagles Nation, but I actually like Chris Cooley. The dude is always up to some sort of shenanigans (he burned a dead cow once). He’s also in tune with the world of blogging, which I kinda dig, since I too am a blogger. Believe it or not, Chris can string together nouns, verbs and adjectives to form clear, concise sentences.

Cooley has also filled in for Peter King (not hard to do) on’s MMQB. Today he’s back at, pinch hitting for Jimmy Traina at Hot Clicks. If you’re not familiar with Hot Clicks, add it to your bookmarks. There are funny articles, wild videos and plenty of lovely ladies each and every day.

Considering the Hot Clicks lineup, Cooley was an ideal choice to take the reigns. He posted a pic of his gorgeous wife, revealed Freddie Mitchell‘s newest money-making venture and linked to a story about a Swedish gentleman who wants to breast feed his kids.

If that wasn’t enough entertainment, Cooley also dropped his list of Fantasy Football sleepers. Felix Jones and Ted Ginn, Jr. are interesting picks, but what about Brent Celek?

“Emerged in the postseason for the Eagles last year. He was named the starter over LJ Smith, and the guy has knack for catching the ball.”

Not that I needed his recommendation, but I agree with Cooley’s assessment. He knows a thing or two about playing tight end. I’ll take his endorsement over some of these fantasy pundits. Look for 40-50 catches and 5 or 6 touchdowns for Brent.

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