Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid: Officials Should Protect Vick From Late Hits

Michael Vick has taken a lot of hits lately, some of them questionable. Andy Reid has noticed.

Michael Vick is always one play away.  One play away from a dazzling touchdown, but also one play away from heading to the sideline with an injury.  Vick already missed three games this year with cracked rib cartilage, and has continued to take a large number of hits due to his scrambling style of play.

Beyond that though, opponents seem to be getting away with more and more late hits on Vick, and Andy Reid is taking notice.

“Yeah, it bothers me, to be honest with you,” Reid said. “That bothers me and I see the same thing you’re seeing and it bothers me. You know, he does run, but he’s still a quarterback and there has to be, you know, you can’t treat him like he’s a running back there.  That’s not what the rules state.”

If anything, there should be an increasing number of penalties for roughing the passer these days, whether you like it or not.  Even grazing the helmet with your hand is a 15-yard penalty, as Trent Cole is all to familiar with from his personal foul for tapping Peyton Manning’s helmet in passing late in the Eagles-Colts game this year.

The topic came up a day after Vick took a large number of hits to his legs, some while running and some while in the pocket in a 34-24 win over the Texans.

“He got knocked around a little bit,” Reid said. “[Houston] has a real good defensive front.  They blitzed a little bit and he kept getting back up and kept going.”

Vick was seen on an exercise bike at times on the sideline.

“He was working his legs,” Reid said. “He took some shots on his legs in the game, and he was just trying to keep them loose.”

The Eagles head coach wouldn’t specifically say that he was going to get in touch with the NFL’s league offices, but he hinted at it.

“I’m not going to get into it,” said Reid.  “I’ll deal with the people I need to deal with on it, but I’m not going to get into all that.
“It concerns me.”

Injury Report

Right tackle Winston Justice has a hyper extended knee, according to Reid.  Justice had an MRI this morning that did not show any structural damage.