NFL Mock Draft: McShay’s Eagles Picks With Analysis


The day of the NFL Draft is finally upon us. I’m feeling a sense of relief that I won’t have to type the word “mock” anymore after today for at least another eight months. And I’m also excited because I plan to pick up some adult beverages, rock the Twitter feed, and bang out about 75 posts tonight. Don’t worry, my writing actually improves as I drink–a skill I learned in my days as while juggling my life as an English major and frat guy (Sigma Pi, holla).

Anyway, I intend for this to be the last mock draft post I write prior to tonight’s festivities, so let’s make it count.

ESPN analyst Todd McShay has released his full seven-round mock draft. Below are the players McShay thinks the Eagles are coming home with by the time this thing is all wrapped up. This mock does not include the pick the Eagles received yesterday from Atlanta in the Asante Samuel trade.

These are McShay’s picks and my quick take on each.

(15) Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State

I don’t get this guy. Some reports have the Eagles moving up to the sixth overall pick to take Cox, but McShay has him falling to 15. I’ve said for three months that Cox fits the profile of what the Eagles want to do along the defensive line. He seems to be the most natural fit and would provide an upgrade to an area of need. If Cox is there at this point in the draft one would have to assume the Eagles would waste very little time making this pick. I just don’t get the sense the team could be this lucky.

(46) Trumaine Johnson, CB, Montana

This would be just fine with me. I fully expect the Eagles to draft a corner in the first three rounds. Johnson is a big corner, physical corner that can play the football. Corners that stand at 6-2 aren’t a dime a dozen.

(51) (from ARI) Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State

I’m not a huge fan of Kirk Cousins, but given the Eagles’ repeated interest in quarterbacks this offseason it seems almost inevitable that they’ll draft one that they feel can be groomed as a successful starter down the line. People are up on Kirk Cousins because of his decision-making ability and soild arm strength. I won’t be throwing beer cans at the TV if they take him, but I won’t be rushing out to buy my new Cousins jersey quite yet.

(88) (from HOU) Chris Polk, RB, Washington

There is a lot of love for Polk in this draft. Some scouts have suggested he could become an above average running back. Frankly, I don’t think it matters if Polk can play. He was a prolific runner in college. He eclipsed 4,000 rushing yards and totaled 30 total touchdowns. I don’t see the Eagles drafting a running back this weekend. And I don’t think they would expend a mid-round pick on one. (114) George Iloka, S, Boise State

(153) Keenan Robinson, OLB, Texas

Robinson isn’t a guy that can come in and start from day one, but he is a guy that can grow with proper coaching. He has all the physical tools and has shown ability to cover–he just needs to do it more consistently. This would be a fine pick.

(172) (from IND) Nate Potter, OT, Boise State

Wouldn’t surprise me if the Eagles elected to pad their offensive line depth a few times in the later rounds.

(194) (from DEN) Devon Wylie, WR, Fresno State

He can return kicks and projects as a pesky slot receiver type. Interesting prospect.

(200) (from N.E.) Ryan Miller, G, Colorado

See above.