2015 NFL Mock Draft – Philadelphia Eagles Defense Backed Into The Corner

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60. <br /> The Minnesota Vikings are shocked to find the draft’s best cornerback available at 11, but they waste no time in selecting the 6’0″ 186 pound Trojan cornerback.  Minnesota may have other positions they look to fill here, but cannot resist the best cornerback. . CB. Michigan State University. Trae Waynes. 11. player

The Cleveland Brown have needs on offense that need to be addressed.  However, there is one safety worth selecting in the first round, and the 6’0″ 228 pound Crimson Tide safety is still on the board when the Browns have their turn.  Offense will simply need to await for the 19th pick of this draft.   At this spot, Collins is simply too much value to ignore.. S. University of Alabama. Landon Collins. 12. player. 53

ILB. UCLA. Eric Kendricks. 13. player. 15. The Saints have placed defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s job in peril.   In 2015, the draft focuses on preventing that.  At 13, the Saints reach slightly to select the 6’0″ 232 pound linebacker from the Bruins.  Brother of <strong><a href=

59. Surprisingly, at nearly the halfway point of the 2015 NFL draft, only the second offensive lineman is selected.   The Dolphins choose the 6’4″ 305 pound Tiger to play offensive tackle.  Collins brings an attitude of nastiness and willingness to stay with a play until the whistle blows.  Miami has been seeking offensive line help for several years.  In 2015, the quest is finally over.. OT. Louisiana State University. La'el Collins. 14. player

. Marcus Peters. 15. player. 42. The San Francisco 49ers use their first round pick to restock their defensive backfield by choosing the local Husky in 6’0″197 Peters.  . University of Washington

Amari Cooper. 16. player. 10. The Houston Texans have a solid defense.  In 2015, they focus on the offense and select the standout 6″1′ 211 pound wide receiver  Amari Cooper.. WR. University of Alabama

WR. University of Louisville. DeVante Parker. 17. player. 13. The San Diego Charge waste no time in selecting the second wide receiver of the draft, a 6′ 3″ 209 receiver out of Louisville.   Charger quarterback Phillip Rivers will be eager to see Parker as a Bolt.

18. player. 124. A third wide receiver comes off the board to a team desperate for pass receivers.  In 6′ 2″ 217 pound Strong, head coach <strong><a href=. WR. Arizona State University. Jaelen Strong

Kevin White. 19. player. 53. (from the Buffalo Bills)  In their second selection of this round, the Browns go to the offense and grab the 6’3″ 215 pound wide receiver from West Virginia.  . WR. University of West Virginia

Jalen Collins. 20. player. 54. By the time the Phildelphia Eagles are able to select, Marcus Mariota is on his way to the gateway of the west, Landon Collins has hoisted a browns uniform to the nation, Amari Cooper is trying to figure out who will be throwing the football to him and Trae Waynes has begun placing phone calls imploring Adrian Pederson to return to the Vikings.   In free agency, the Eagles needed to sign two cornerbacks. They obtain their second starting corner in round one of the 2015 NFL draft by selecting a 6’1″ 203 Tiger.   Despite only 10 starts at the position, he bring the dimensions, the speed, and the lightness on his feet to become potentially the best cornerback of the draft.  With new DB coach Cory Undlin, this is a match made in heaven.. CB. Louisianna State University