2015 NFL Mock Draft: Eagles Have Many Options

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Feb 21, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston and Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota and Baylor Bears quarterback Bryce Petty watch drills during the 2015 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the latest Inside the Iggles 2015 NFL Mock Draft. With the recent wild moves by Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly their needs in the draft have shifted somewhat. They made some moves that will be talked about for months if not years to come.

Trades and acquisitions have not happened like this since the early 1990’s when then Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmie Johnson traded away running back Herschel Walker. That move did two things: It put the NFL and fans on their ear and it gave the Cowboys three Super Bowls in four years. The last Super Bowl, 1995 Jimmie wasn’t coaching but it was still his team.

The acquisitions made by head coach Chip Kelly have made the Eagle draft picture become slightly clearer. They still have needs at the safety position, offensive line, wide receiver, and could possibly use  difference maker at outside linebacker. Many possible targets have emerged for Kelly, but one thing is certain, no one knows what Chip Kelly is going to do.

It’s yet to be seen if Kelly’s moves will bring the Lombardi Trophy home to Philadelphia but he has definitely turned the NFL on its ear.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1. player. 48. I believe that at this point in time not only is it a foregone conclusion that the Buccaneers are taking a quarterback, but also that they prefer Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota.. Quarterback. Florida State. Jameis Winston

2. Tennessee Titans

35. The Titan have done just about everything but flat out say they want Williams. They have met with him, and introduced him to his (possible) future teammates. He is far and away the most talented player in this draft and if the Titans decide they are okay without taking a quarterback here, which they should, then this makes the most sense.. Defensive Tackle. Southern California. Leonard Williams. 2. player

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

52. I was torn as I’m sure the Jaguars are between Gregory, Fowler Jr., and even possibly a receiver. I think that the choice will end up being Gregory. He looks like his skills will transition to the NFL the best. He can be a defensive end, or even a linebacker and Gus Bradley will be excited to work with a young player this talented. I would also bet on the Jaguars targeting Breshad Perriman of UCF as their wide receiver of the future because of his talent combined with the familiarity with their quarterback, former UCFquarterback Blake Bortles.. Defensive End. Nebraska. Randy Gregory. 3. player

4. Oakland Raiders

Linebacker. Florida. Dante Fowler Jr.. 4. player. 28. The Raiders could desperately use a wide receiver to help their young quarterback, but then again they needed one last year and they passed on Mike Evans when they needed a receiver last year in favor of Khalil Mack. I think that the Raiders will want to finish what they started and build a solid defensive unit.

5. Washington Redskins

6. New York Jets

30. The Jets are trying to build a team strong enough to stop the defending champion Patriots. They’ve already done a very solid job helping their offense and secondary out. They already had an unbelievable front seven. The only major whole left on the Jets roster is quarterback at this point. I don’t think Mariota is going to be their long term solution, and I don’t think that the New York Jets think that he will either. However, the way that they have built their team shows me that they are ready to do whatever it takes to win right now and Mariota is their best shot at that in this draft.. Quarterback. Oregon. Marcus Mariota. 6. player

7. Chicago Bears

7. player. 57. I am very excited about this pick. White is the most explosive and physical receiver in this draft and would make an great long term replacement for what they lost in receiver Brandon Marshall. White across from Jefferey could be the top tandem in the NFL for the distant future.. Wide Receiver. West Virginia. Kevin White

8. Atlanta Falcons

Clemson. Vic Beasley. 8. player. 44. The Falcons need a legitimate pass rush, secondary, and offensive line. Beasley is the first step in the right direction for this team. It’s been a while since they have had a top pass rusher that they drafted themselves.. Linebacker

9. New York Giants

31. The Giants passed on guard Zack Martin last year in favor of wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and it paid off in dividends. This year it is time to pay attention to the position they ignored last year.. Offensive Tackle. Iowa. Brandon Scherff. 9. player

10. St. Louis Rams

51. The Rams just acquired who they hope is their quarterback of the future, now they need to get him a top talent to throw to. Cooper is so fluid in his movements and is one of the more intelligent receiver in recent years,. Wide Receiver. Alabama. Amari Cooper. 10. player

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