Why does Donovan McNabb annoy most of the Eagles fan base?

Donovan McNabb is statistically the best quarterback in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, so why is he vilified so often?

Donovan McNabb had the potential to be one of the most beloved figures in the history of, not only the Philadelphia Eagles, but all public figures associated with the city of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, a great career that saw him take every notable passing record in team history, lead the team to five NFC Championship games and come within a few points of a Lombardi Trophy is marred by so many other things.

There was the sub-par performance in the Super Bowl where he “got tired” and the rumors that would follow about why that was the case. There was the shattered relationship between McNabb and Terrell Owens that everyone originally blamed on the oft criticized receiver. We would later find out there was more to the story, and McNabb was a little more difficult to deal with than he seemed to be.

The final straw was watching him play an imaginary guitar on the way to the field in a playoff game against the hated Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles would get slaughtered, and the team would trade McNabb to a division rival in favor of newly acquired veteran Michael Vick.

Since his departure, McNabb’s actions and statements have typically resembled a heartbroken boyfriend who just can’t seem to get over the fact that his ex-girlfriend has moved on. When interviewed, his normal reaction is to constantly discuss how mean the fans can be and how quarterbacks can be turned on in an instant. His most recent diatribe was in an interview he had with another former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski, where he attempts to offer cautionary advice, particularly to Carson Wentz about the impatience of the fans but, again, comes off as someone who may still have some hurt feelings

In McNabb’s defense, his comments can also be viewed as being impartial, but in some ways they just come of as too negative, too critical and too bitter. Time can heal all wounds, and it would be nice to see the former great welcomed back with open arms and have placed in some role with the team. It just may take more time than we originally thought.