Check out this video of Carson Wentz as he met with the Philadelphia media

Quarterback Carson Wentz met with the media for a very crowded press conference on Wednesday.

Popularity has its’ advantages and disadvantages, and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is getting a crash course on both sides first hand. He’s not only one of the most popular players on the Eagles’ roster. He’s becoming one of the most popular players in the entire NFL.

After dismantling the Cleveland Browns in the season opener, he saw his jersey skyrocket to the top in sales. Then, President Barack Obama jumped into the act and coined the phrase ” The Wentz Wagon”. The Chicago Bears were supposed to teach him a lesson in week two on Monday Night Football, but that didn’t happen. He lit them up like they were the Browns. Surely, the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers and their vaunted defense would teach him a thing or two right? Well, not exactly. Behind a spirited effort by the entire Eagles team, “The Bird Gang” lit up the guys in black and yellow for their most impressive victory thus far.

Now, following the bye week, the Eagles take the field Sunday, and it appears tight end Zach Ertz will be back, and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz returns to the city he most recently served as a head coach. The Eagles now find themselves in a position they haven’t been in since they took the field in week one to face the Browns. They’re the favorites.

How do they handle the pressure? Will this be a letdown game? Can “Wentzamania” continue and lead the Eagles to a 4-0 start? These are all the questions that are being asked over and over this week.

Here’s the video of Mr Wentz meeting with the Philadelphia media:

This may actually be the most mature twenty-something year old many of us have seen in a while. We keep waiting on him to say or do something wrong, and it just never happens.

Here’s one more thing of note. At the time of this being written, there’s still non verdict on the Lane Johnson suspension. We’ll keep you posted, but we’ve all got our fingers crossed.Buckle up Eagles fans. You’ve got a couple of days and then it’s game time. We’re guessing we don’t have to ask you what you’ll be doing.


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