It’s Time For Santa And The Philadelphia Eagles To Bury The Hatchet

The Philadelphia Eagles have effectively been in the offseason for a couple weeks now. With Santa Claus now beginning his yearly pilgrimage to rest and relaxation, it’s time for both entities to make amends once and for all.

It seems like just yesteryear, but it’s been just over 48 years since the infamous Santa Claus incident involving Philadelphia Eagles fans. Before there was a Lincoln Financial Field, there was Veterans Stadium. Before the Vet, there was Franklin Field. Prior to Twitter, Snapchat and fake news, it was seemingly easier to properly analyze a situation with context. The Santa story rarely receives proper context.

I’m not here to rehash details. We’re all familiar with the story. Philly fans booed Santa. Perhaps more specifically, Eagles fans booed Santa. The national media has vilified the fan base since. Context is irrelevant when it comes to making Santa your enemy.

The question is how long the fans will to continue to suffer. Vince Lombardi cast a curse that has prevented the trophy named after him from residing in the city of Philadelphia. After all, the Eagles were the only team that defeated his Green Bay Packers in the postseason.

Kris Kringle, however, should judge this team on a clean slate from year to year. Instead of giving us completely defective products like Marcus Smith III, this past year he’s upgraded our presents to those in which assembly is required. For Carson Wentz, an offensive line is needed for him to operate properly. It’s no coincidence that the return of Lane Johnson resulted in Wentz remaining relatively clean for the night against the New York Giants.

For the next seven months, the Eagles will open presents in anticipation for the 2017 regular season. Will they find a running back, wide receiver or corner under the proverbial tree? Perhaps the “How To Not Commit Penalties For Dummies” book will be a gift that Jason Peters receives (if he’s on the roster next season). If the past few years are any indication of Santa’s scorn, more penalties and poor play-calling will be as common as socks and toys that require batteries but do not include them.

The Eagles, much like eggnog, have required copious amounts of accompanying alcohol to enjoy over the past four seasons (46 years if you want to be technical). However, there’s always perpetual hope around the holidays according to (worst parent of the year winner) Kate McCallister in Home Alone. So as Santa goes on his year-long furlough, let’s hope that the next time he visits the team, he brings them the in-demand gift of the season: A chance to play in Minnesota in February of 2018.