Philadelphia Eagles: Jordan Matthews responds to Daniel Jeremiah

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 30: Jordan Matthews
ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 30: Jordan Matthews /

Jordan Matthews isn’t worried about what’s being said.

On Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews answered some of the speculation that’s been surrounding him. He’s been quite the topic of discussion recently. In July, the question was asked about whether or not his knee injury was more serious than just tendinitis. Fans and the media have asked when he’s getting back on the field, and just recently Daniel Jeremiah made a statement that caused quite a stir.

Jeremiah hosts his Move the Sticks podcast on along with Bucky Brooks, and on the August 4th airing, he suggested Nelson Agholor may have done enough to move past Matthews on the Eagles’ depth chart for wide receivers.

Here’s some of what Jeremiah had to say:

"Nelson Agholor has had a total rebirth. He’s going to live in the slot. He’s going to be their slot receiver. I’ll be shocked if he’s not. I don’t know what that means for Jordan Matthews. Agholor is a lot more dynamic. Last year, against the Seahawks, he just turned Richard Sherman inside out, but he dropped the ball. Getting separation was not his issue last year. Just being able to finish, and he was doing a nice job, and it sounds like he’s really focused…"

As expected, the Philadelphia media wasted no time in approaching Matthews for a response.

Here’s what the veteran had to say:

"My biggest thing is I am getting reps now and go out there and make plays. I can’t really worry about anything that Daniel Jeremiah or any of those guys say. They don’t play ball. They aren’t in the front office, I don’t even know if they even have played football. Football is so unpredictable. It’s so early in training camp. People make so many bold predictions. I make a bold prediction and it’s wrong, I get scrutinized. He might do it and it’s like, ‘Ok well his mock drafts are pretty bad every year. They’re terrible. Nobody in another field can be that wrong and keep their job."

Matthews has been pretty quite while he’s been undergoing his rehab. The Eagles haven’t made much mention of where anyone is on the depth chart (as they shouldn’t). The kinks and wrinkles are a long way from being ironed out, so we’ll just have to be patient and see what happens.