Dez Bryant taunts Eagles fans on Twitter about Carson Wentz.

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 03: Dez Bryant
CANTON, OH - AUGUST 03: Dez Bryant /

Dez Bryant retweeted a Cowboys fan’s tweet about Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles fan base has a very strong internet presence, especially on Twitter. Whether it’s scheduling meet-ups at tailgates or defending their beloved Eagles, a nation of fans always seems to come together. The most interesting part about Twitter is the way famous athletes can interact with their fans. Quite a few members of the Eagles have been very active this off-season with connecting with the fanbase via Twitter.

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Everything isn’t always fun and games on a social media app however. You can find NFC East fan bases battling it out with words at just about any hour of any day. While it can be tiring, it’s always entertaining to get involved with some social media debates about your favorite team. Then, there are the athletes who sometimes get involved.

How it all started…

Dallas Cowboy’s wide receiver Dez Bryant is no stranger to interacting with fans on the app. Whether he’s responding to haters or showing fan appreciation, he always seems to have something going on. Tempers flared up on Monday night when Bryant retweeted this tweet about Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz.

What a way to ignite the already heated rivalry between the two fan bases. As you can imagine, the Eagles fan base was not pleased at all with the shade that was being thrown at Wentz. Although this may anger the fan base, it really sets the tone for how things are going to go this season.

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The Eagles and the Cowboys rivarly has been nothing less then interesting over the last few seasons. The constant criticism of the young quarterbacks (on both sides) have fans raving about their guy and throwing shade at the enemy. Although, at times, it can be frustrating, that’s what the game is all about. If Dez Bryant wants to throw shade at Carson Wentz, so be it. But he should be more focused on catching it in the playoffs. Roasted.