Terrell Owens says he prefers Carson Wentz over McNabb

Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Terrell Owens likes what he sees from Carson Wentz.

Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Fame candidate Terrell Owens has had quite the career. Although he is widely known for his off and on-field antics, his talent was off the charts. He may be struggling to get his entry into the Hall of Fame, but everybody knows that he was one of the baddest’ men on the field when it came to football.

He entered into Philly before the 2004 season and helped lead the Eagles to Super Bowl. Assuming you already know how the whole thing with T.O ended, we will spare you the outcome and the drama. But speaking of drama, the superstar is back at it again.

As you may know, Owens and former quarterback Donovan McNabb did not have the best relationship. Their chemistry on the field was outstanding, but things went sour in the locker room. After just two short seasons in Philadelphia, Owens was on his way out to join the NFC East rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

McNabb or Wentz?

As he is still relevant in the media nowadays, Owens is still giving his honest opinions concerning the Eagles. When TMZ Sports caught up with Owens, they asked him a question that many people have probably been wondering. Would you prefer Donovan McNabb or Carson Wentz? Honest as always, Owens gave up his answer.

He chose the young gunslinger, Carson Wentz! Owens stated that Wentz’ upside is through the roof. He has been very impressed with what he has been able to accomplish in his second year as the quarterback for the Eagles. The current MVP hopeful remains a fan favorite and a former player favorite as well. Imagine a team that involved year two Carson Wentz and Terrell Owens in his prime. A trip to the promise land would be almost guaranteed.