Philadelphia Eagles roundup: Nelson Agholor impresses his OC


The continuing maturation of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor has been a joy to watch.

Who knows where this version of Nelson Agholor came from, but the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans are glad he arrived. To say he’s outdone himself is an understatement. Describing his turnaround can only be understood if you were there to witness what went on in his first two seasons.

With two games remaining in the NFL’s 2017 campaign, Agholor is 11 catches shy of equaling his reception total for his first two seasons (59). He’s already more than doubled his touchdown total. He had three touchdowns in his first two seasons. He’s already hauled in seven during the 2017 season.

His fans are impressed. So are his coaches. He’s a ball of energy on game days (it’s amazing he doesn’t wear himself out), and apparently he’s one of the spark plugs in practice.

Number 13 gets some praise from his offensive coordinator.

Agholor’s transformation wasn’t just on the field. He even made some alterations to his jersey, electing to give the number 17 to one of the newer Eagles, Alshon Jeffery. Now, with the donning of the number 13 and a new assignment, slot receiver, Agholor’s transformation was complete. The guy who, a season ago, said he might be in his ‘own head’ now says he sees himself as a ‘mentally tough person’. His offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, in a press conference that took place earlier this week, took some time to discuss his contributions at practice.

Take a look.

"I think it’s been incremental growth. His confidence, the juice, the energy he brings to practice, his preparation. It’s been relentless, it’s been consistent. I think now the next level is it’s infectious on other players. There’s always a point in time where if you go through a bad spell, you’ve got to first kind of defeat the enemy within. Now it goes from, ‘Hey. I’m past that now.’  What really great players do is they make the players around them better. That’s what we’re seeing with Nelson."

Such high praise wasn’t lost on the young receiver. He was approached by the media recently and he discussed Reich’s comments as well as a bevy of other topics.

Here’s something from the Philadelphia Eagles’ official YouTube page.

Is it too early to place him in the NFL Hall of Fame yet? We’re kidding! Everybody calm down.