DeSean Jackson is the latest former Eagles player to call out Chip Kelly

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 03: Wide receiver DeSean Jackson
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 03: Wide receiver DeSean Jackson /

Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver calls out his former head coach, Chip Kelly.

Around this time four years ago, former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly started his purge of Andy Reid players in Philadelphia. It all began with former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Fast forward to now, and Jackson is still feeling sour towards the guy who cut him for no apparent reason.

Jackson did not hold back his true feelings for his former head coach as he told TMZ when he was at LAX Tuesday:

"“We don’t even talk about that dude,” said Jackson. “He’s a weirdo. He’s a big time weirdo.”"

Jackson is certainly not the first former Eagles player who played under Kelly to voice their displeasure.

Back in January, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, who was also part of the Chip Kelly purge had some not so nice words for his former head coach.

LeSean goes in:

"“Now that the little short coach is with the kids, where he belongs.”"

McCoy clearly couldn’t hold back when he thew out a subliminal shot at Kelly back in January. Jackson and McCoy are definitley not the only two players who said things about Kelly’s way of coaching, though. Current Super Bowl Champion offensive lineman Lane Jonson had a few things to say to Fox Sports in 2015 after Kelly was fired.

"“Maybe the ego got in the way,” Johnson said. “Too much power. Control. Not being human about things; not working together, with the team, instead of being a dictator.”"

Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie even admitted it was mistake hiring saying he wanted his next coaching hire to have “emotional intelligence.”

Well, Lurie brought back a calming presence to Philadelphia with Doug Pederson who is a more of a player’s coach. In his two seasons at the Eagles, Pederson is 23-12 and brought a Superbowl win to the city of Philadelphia.

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Also, Lurie made sure Howie Roseman was the man making all the moves again, and Roseman has made some pretty big moves since Kelly’s firing. Well, for example getting Carson Wentz in that blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Browns in 2016.

The good thing for Philadelphia Eagles fans that Chip Kelly is now a distant memory and the Super Bowl that Doug Pederson has brought is all that matters.