Philadelphia Eagles posterize the Vikings on Twitter (again)

STATE COLLEGE, PA - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Kirk Cousins
STATE COLLEGE, PA - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Kirk Cousins /

The Philadelphia Eagles get the best of the Vikings on social media (again).

Does anyone else remember buying those life-size posters and hanging them up in your room when you were a kid? The coolest ones were the ones for the NBA, especially when it was your favorite player dunking on someone. That’s like the ultimate macho move. Dunking on somebody gets fans out of their seats whether it’s the National Basketball Association or a high school gym in South Carolina. Dunks don’t happen in football, but the Philadelphia Eagles still keep serving up quite a few ‘facials’ to those Minnesota Vikings.

Who knew they were such sore losers or so annoying?

Philly takes the measure of those people in purple again.

The Vikings continue to get their behinds handed to them by ‘The Birds’. First, Philly was able to unload Sam Bradford (or ‘Sammy Sleeves’ as we call him) for a draft pick, one that became defensive end Derek Barnett. Then, there was the 38-7 tail kicking that the Eagles served up in the NFC Championship Game. That was followed by Philly winning their first Super Bowl on Minnesota’s home turf, U.S. Bank Stadium.

Through it all, the Eagles have had to offer a ‘stiff-arm’ or two to a franchise and a fan base that just can’t get over losing. We wont even mention the Vikings fans who did the ‘Skol’ chant in front of the Rocky statue (Philly stole the ‘Skol’ chant during the NFC Championship Game and changed the word ‘Skol’ to ‘Foles’.

Minnesota’s most recent cry for attention started on Saint Patrick’s Day when the Eagles, who were minding their own business, posted something like this:

The Vikings, who just can’t seem to leave well enough alone, responded.

That’s when Philly went ‘Hulk Smash’ on them.

Maybe the Vikings forgot their new quarterback, Kirk Cousins, went to Michigan State and played for the Spartans. We call this one over. The ref has stepped in. This is check mate, and there’s no reset button. Just take one on the chin and learn a very valuable lesson from this Minnesota. It is what it is. If only there was a poster for that.

The Cleveland Browns gave Philly both Donovan McNabb and Carson Wentz. You don’t see them crying do you?