Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Players that are key to a Wild Card victory versus Chicago

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 26: Mitchell Trubisky
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 26: Mitchell Trubisky /
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Jason Peters, LT

At this point, we can’t help but view Jason Peters as anything less than a warrior. Is he having a great season? No, not even close. But this guy has suffered multiple injuries that could probably end somebody else’s season, but not JP. Not ‘The Bodyguard.’ This guy was so angry that last year he wasn’t able to be a part of the magical Super Bowl run, so there’s no possible way that he was going to miss it this year. So forget torn biceps, he’s going to get out there and play.

This week’s matchup is critical on the left side of the line. Right now, Peters is okay to play but how long will that last? Let’s not forget, just because Peters is cleared and able to get onto the field, doesn’t mean that he will be out there for the entirety of the game.

Unlike most of the other guys up front, Peters can’t remain in the game without getting tired or feeling pain. At the age of 35, time is beginning to catch up with Peters. Typically, it’s no big deal to let him have time off. But this week is different. The Eagles need all the protection they can get.

If Peters can’t remain in the game, then the Eagles are forced to throw in Halapoulivaati Vaitai at left tackle against an outstanding defensive front. Now, I don’t know about you but in a way that scares me. We all saw just how much Big V struggled against the Houston Texans defensive line, right? If the Bears see that Big V is in on the left side on Sunday, you better believe that they are going to take advantage of that matchup. So hopefully, Peters is going to be okay for Sunday.