Former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will officially join the Jaguars


It’s official – Nick Foles is going to play with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

We all expected it, but now it is becoming a reality. Two years ago, the Philadelphia Eagles signed veteran quarterback Nick Foles to back up Carson Wentz. Back in that time, Foles didn’t exactly demand a crazy price tag like he does nowadays. As we all know, Foles ended up getting used in 2017, as Wentz unfortunatley tore his ACL. Then, Foles had to come in finish the job.

Somehow, the Eagles adjusted the entire offense to tailor to Foles’ needs and it worked like a charm. Foles might have had a slow start when he came in, but he finished like an MVP. We all remember the NFC Championship blowout against the Minnesota Vikings. We’ll also never forget Foles coming out on top in 41-33 shootout over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

We all assumed that there was no way Foles would return to the Eagles in 2018, since he was expected to have a high trade demand. That didn’t turn out to be the case though. The Eagles held onto Foles for 2018, and he helped the Eagles claw their way back into the playoffs. Unfortunatley, they didn’t have the same run as the year before. But at least Foles got the opportunity to finally have another shot at becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Nick Foles finds his new team

There was a giant question mark surrounding Foles’ market for a while. As many expected him to have a high demand between mutliple teams, ultimatley, the Jaguars seem to be the only team that was significantly interested. And there you have it – the Jaguars have been linked to Foles all along and now he cashes out with a big contract of four years, worth $88 million total.

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Now, the Eagles don’t have to worry about Foles joining the NFC East for 2019 and beyond like they were reported to be. Foles will take his talents to Jacksonville as he gets his third chance at becoming a full-time NFL starter. Hopefully, everything works out for him this time around.