Philadelphia Eagles’ Draft Prospect Tytus Howard has his eyes set on Philly

Philadelphia Eagles, (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles, (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /

Philadelphia Eagles 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Tytus Howard seems to have his eyes set on Philly…

We’re a couple of weeks away from the 2019 NFL Draft, and the Philadelphia Eagles are still the owners of the 25th overall pick. Will they trade up? Trade back? Or stay put? Only time will tell, but if they do decide to stay put right where they are, they will have the opportunity to take the best player available on the board at that time as Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas see a complete team on paper that doesn’t need immediate help in terms of starters.

Many rumors are going around about potential prospects at No. 25 for the Birds. Some say a cornerback, others say a defensive lineman, and we have even been told maybe a particular safety if he’s there. However, there is an offensive tackle in this draft who the Eagles have shown some early interest in, and they could be quite intrigued — Alabama State’s Tytus Howard.

Over the last couple of months, the small school tackle has garnered a ton of buzz. He went from being a mid-round prospect, to now potentially a first-rounder. As’s Tom Pelissero reported, “The number of teams giving Howard extra attention is one reason there’s growing talk in draft rooms that someone might take a chance early.” One of those teams could realistically be the Eagles, and Howard seems to be into the idea.

Howard has eyes for Philly

As he tweeted out about his love for fruit rollups, an Eagles fan responded that he wanted Howard on the Eagles. So Howard specifically quoted the initial tweet by merely stating ‘Philly’ with an eye-looking emoji. Now, I won’t sit here and make nothing out of something, because a draft prospect would be thrilled wherever they land on draft day unless you’re Eli Manning.

But it’s possible to look into this and think that Howard has gained some extra attention from the Birds. After all, when he had his Pro Day, Eagles’ offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland raved about Howard after being in charge of his drills, and let him know that he will be doing all that he can to let the Eagles’ front office know that he wants him on board in Philly.

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Would the Eagles select him as high as 25? It could be a bit of a reach, but don’t rule out a trade back into the first round or early second. Seeing as though the team is on the hunt for a Jason Peters replacement for 2019, Howard is easily one of the most intriguing candidates to replace the legendary offensive tackle. For the Eagles sake, hopefully, Howard is still around beyond their first-round pick, because he’s become a hot commodity at this point.