Carson Wentz expected to top $30 million per year with future extension

The Philadelphia Eagles plan to get a Carson Wentz extension moving, but when will that be, and how much will it cost?

It’s been quite a while since the Philadelphia Eagles had to worry about breaking the bank on a quarterback. The last time they had a guy that they intended to be their franchise quarterback for at least a decade, it was back in the early 2000s. Sure, there was a couple ‘flash in the pan’ type of prospects that came and went, but none of them were franchise quarterback material.

Nowadays, the Eagles have a new sheriff in town, who intends on being here for quite some time. We figured when the Eagles traded up to get the No. 2 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft; they were getting up there to select their next franchise quarterback who they intend on keeping around for years to come. They got him, and now it is time to cough up the big bucks in order to keep him.

Carson Wentz is headed into year four, the final season of his contract. Although the Eagles picked up his fifth-year option already, there’s a good chance he will already have a deal in place, making that option no longer necessary for them. Wentz is going to get a new contract, whether the fans of Philadelphia like it or not. And that new contract is going to be at LEAST $30 million per year – again, whether the fans like it or not.

Wentz is looking towards a nice extension

Estimating the value of a quarterback is tough with the way the market works. A passer could be decent, and less established as others, but since franchise quarterbacks are so hard to come by, teams are forced to pay the big bucks because the market value is so inflated. That’s been proven by the Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford, the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan, and more recently, the Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins.

Many argue that Wentz is not proven, and his durability is a significant concern. While yes, Wentz hasn’t appeared in a playoff game and did have two season-ending injuries over the last two years, the Eagles clearly don’t see it as a major concern. As they likely view the injury concerns as one causing the other, the Eagles are hopeful that their former second pick will be back better than ever after his first fully healthy offseason since the 2017 run.

According to CBS Sports, Wentz could be looking at $30-plus million per year. As they referenced Cousins and Russel Wilson’s newest deals, “Wentz will be north of Kirk Cousins but south of Russell Wilson on an average-per-year basis.” That means Wentz will undoubtedly make more than $28 million in a year, but likely won’t top $35 million.

When will it get done? Many believe before the 2019 season kicks off. While it is a gamble, the earlier it gets done, the better. Why’s that? Well, for starters, Wentz can head into the 2019 season without dealing with constant negotiations. He can solely focus on football, rather than his finances. And two, the Eagles could end up getting a bargain if Wentz puts together another MVP-like year. Each week he goes off could raise that price more and more.