NFL veteran defends Carson Wentz, Eagles in a debate with Skip Bayless

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 03: Quarterback Carson Wentz
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 03: Quarterback Carson Wentz /

Skip Bayless loves to create a Carson Wentz versus Dak Prescott debate on his show. This time, it backfired with his recent guest, Gerald McCoy.

When is Skip Bayless never NOT talking about the Philadelphia Eagles? It’s understandable because after all, he is an outspoken Dallas Cowboys fan. But the need to bring up an Eagles-Cowboys debate followed by a Carson Wentz versus Dak Prescott argument all the time gets tiring. However, this time around, it’s quite funny because it seems like it backfired a bit.

Ever since the 2016 season, the Wentz versus Dak debates have been ongoing. Since they both got drafted that season and have started on rival teams right off the bat, everybody can’t help but compare the two. Many say Dak is better because he’s played in more games and has more comeback wins. Others say Wentz takes the cake because of his stats and the eye test.

There’s no clear-cut answer on who’s the better quarterback just yet. Therefore, the debate is sort of pointless. But at the same time, how can you talk sports without a debate? Especially when you’re on Skip Bayless’ show! NFL veteran Gerald McCoy found himself in the middle of Skip and Shannon Sharpe’s ongoing discussion recently, as Bayless asked McCoy which team he thinks will be better next season. After pausing for a moment, McCoy eventually came up with the Eagles.

Then, Skip Bayless just couldn’t help himself. Right after he asked which team would be better, he followed with which quarterback is better — Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz? Without even the slightest bit of hesitation, McCoy quickly blurted out Wentz. And to no surprise, Skip wasn’t happy.

McCoy defends the Birds

It seems as though some players around the league are beginning to recognize just how dangerous the Eagles offense can be next season. Carson Wentz comes back healthy for the first time in a long time. DeSean Jackson is back, giving Wentz the kind of speed he’s never had before in his three-year career.

The running back rotation hasn’t proven anything as a unit quite yet, but they are expected to be much better than last season’s backfield. And the offensive line is still pretty much the same, which is a good thing as long as there aren’t any injuries.

Obviously, the Eagles look like a really good team on paper. But they have to put it all together on the field. If they can even look slightly like they did in 2017, then Philly is in really good shape, and the rest of the NFL should be put on notice. This team could legitimately be the real deal.

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