Philadelphia Eagles: 15 random fun facts about select players

Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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9. Cam Johnston looks like Bill Burr

This was not on the media guide at all as far as I’m concerned. I actually made this observation myself. Considering that Johnston is a punter, we don’t get too much facetime from him. After seeing his picture in the guide, I couldn’t help but do a double-take and say, “wow, he really looks like the comedian, Bill Burr.”

10. Jason Kelce listens to Christmas music before every game

What’s Jason Kelce’s pregame ritual? Combing his beard and listening to Christmas music. It’s strange, but hey, we won’t question it. If Jingle Bells gets this guy playing like an All-Pro center on a weekly basis, then the Eagles might as well blast it throughout The Linc all season long.

11. Jordan Mailata plays the guitar

Many already knew this as we wrote about it last year. Before last season, Jordan Mailata was a well-known rugby star in Australia. However, he has other talents such as playing instruments. Last year, he put his hobby on full display for everybody to see and this guy is pretty good at everything he does. Even playing football, despite just learning the game last year.

12. Jason Peters owns over 2,500 pairs of Jordans

Do you think you’re a sneakerhead? Try owning over 2,500 pairs of Jordans. We all know Jason Peters has tons of money, so clearly he can afford a ton of shoes, but this is pure dedication. In case you were wondering — yes, Peters does have an entire closet filled with Jordans. Where else would he be able to fit them all?