Philadelphia Eagles: Torrey Smith defends Carson Wentz

BLOOMINGTON, MN - JANUARY 31: Torrey Smith /

Torrey Smith may no longer be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, but he still defends Carson Wentz when necessary.

Nowadays, Philadelphia Eagles fans can’t help themselves when it comes to FS1 personality, Skip Bayless. For those who don’t know, Bayless is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, who won’t remain unbiased when talking about them on his show. Being that Bayless is a Cowboys fan, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the talk show host is not a fan of the Eagles.

Every day Skip Bayless has something negative to say about the Eagles — especially when it comes to Carson Wentz. As Wentz and Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott come from the same draft class and reside in the same division, Bayless always feels the need to talk Prescott up, while throwing shade at Wentz. While the criticism is hardly ever warranted, Bayless’ strategy of talking down about Wentz seemingly works as Philly fans always seem to take the bait.

In this case, Eagles fans aren’t the only ones to fall for Bayless’ tactics. This time, former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, and current Carolina Panthers‘ veteran Torrey Smith felt the need to come to the defense of Carson Wentz. As Bayless gave a compliment to the Eagles, just to take something back, Smith took to Twitter to speak his mind on Bayless’ logic.

Torrey Smith to the rescue

“The Eagles have the best receiving corps and offensive line,” Bayless tweeted out “But do they have a quarterback?” Clearly, the FS1 host couldn’t help himself on Thursday as he had to react to the Eagles being named the best at two positions on offense. While pointing out Pro Football Focus’s latest analysis, Bayless decided to throw shade at Wentz, as always.

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Torrey Smith, a former teammate of Wentz’s, hit Bayless back by saying, “When I retire I hope that I can go on tv and say whatever and people still pay me.” With Smith knowing just how good Wentz can be when healthy, he clearly knows the Eagles are in good hands with No. 11 under center.