Here’s an all-time Philadelphia Eagles team fans can be proud of

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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54. One of the last players to play on both sides of the ball plays on both sides of the ball on this team as well.. OLB. . Chuck Bednarik (1949-1962). . team

You were warned that Bednarik might make another appearance, and he has. He makes the lineup in two positions, and here’s why.

After making the move to playing the position of center full time in 1958, ‘Concrete Charlie’ became the last of the 60-minute men as he helped lead Philly to a championship in 1960. That came after an injury to Bob Pellegrini.

A common misconception is that Bednarik was a middle linebacker, but in the 1950s the team used only two linebackers, with Bednarik on the left. In 1960, Pellegrini was the team’s left outside linebacker. He got injured, and Chuck stepped right in.

That season included the now-famous knock-out blow to Frank Gifford and Bednarik’s championship game-clinching tackle of Jim Taylor. He’s the greatest Eagle of all time for many reasons, and there should be no issues with having him man the first outside linebacker spot, just like he did during his Hall of Fame career.