NFL talk: 5 Cities that deserve a team before London

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LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 03: General view inside the stadium prior to the NFL match between the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on November 03, 2019, in London, England. (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images)

Let’s be honest, there are several cities that deserve an NFL team before the league goes the route of sending one to London.

Let’s be honest. We’re so used to seeing the NFL do things correctly that it’s almost infuriating when they do or say something asinine. At this point, there’s enough evidence to say that the words Los Angeles Chargers still makes most of us cringe.

Even now, it’s hard not to call them ‘San Diego’ sometimes.

Over the course of a twenty-four-hour span, there were rumors that the league was tossing the idea of moving them to London around. This came in the wake of the realization that it’s been almost impossible to build a fan base for ‘The Bolts’ in L.A. Honestly, it seems like any visiting team is getting a glorified ninth home game.

Not too long after that news broke, more came in the form of Chargers owner Dean Spanos telling the L.A. Times that the rumors were false. It’s no secret that the NFL wants to expand its reach overseas, but if they want to put a team in another area, there are better options than London. Heck, why isn’t anyone talking about moving the Jacksonville Jaguars out of Duval County or how weird it says to say the Las Vegas Raiders?

Maybe that’s another story for another day. Here are a few ideas.

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