10 potential free agents Philadelphia Eagles can pair with Brandon Graham

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – AUGUST 08: Brandon Graham #55 of the Philadelphia Eagles laughs from the bench in the third quarter against the Tennessee Titans in the preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 8, 2019, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Titans defeated the Eagles 27-10. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

If the Philadelphia Eagles are going to look to free agency to find someone to compliment Brandon Graham, there will be some options.

Just stop for a second. Do you realize Brandon Graham has bever been elected to the Pro Bowl? He’s given ten seasons to the Philadelphia Eagles organization. He’s recorded 368 tackles, 51 sacks, 17 forced fumbles, six fumble recoveries, and a defensive touchdown over the course of ten NFL seasons.

He’s one of the best players to ever don an Eagles jersey, but he’s never been to the Pro Bowl. That’s so ridiculous that it’s almost comical, but that’s also another story for another day.

In the present tense, Graham will return for the 11th season of his career in 2020, and though there will be questions about how much longer he can continue to age but compete at a high level, so far, there’s been no reason as to why anyone would expect for his level of play to decline.

Much will be expected of B.G. next season, but he’ll need more help than he had from Philly’s other defensive ends in 2019. Philly’s expected to spend a draft pick on one in the upcoming draft. Here are also ten potential free agents if they see that as an option.

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