Antonio Gandy-Golden and 15 UTR Philadelphia Eagles WR draft targets

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WACO, TX – SEPTEMBER 2: Antonio Gandy-Golden #11 of the Liberty Flames (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Antonio Gandy-Golden has been a beast at Liberty. He headlines a list of 16 under-the-radar draft targets at wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

It seems as though it’s always the topic of discussion at this time of the year. What are the Philadelphia Eagles going to do at wide receiver? Maybe their deficiencies there come from the franchise’s inability to evaluate talent at a position that has, seemingly, been the team’s weak link since Buddy Ryan was pacing the sidelines.

You all remember Calvin Williams and Fred Barnett, don’t you? Really? They couldn’t find Randall Cunningham anybody that was better than that?

Philly’s deficiencies at wideout continued throughout Andy Reid‘s era as the Eagles fan base suffered through James Thrash and Todd Pinkston before finally winding up with Terrell Owens. Even then, things didn’t work out, but it wasn’t for a lack of talent.

That’s another story for another day.

Fast forward, and the Eagles finally got it right a couple of times with Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Still, even with that being said, they’ve missed more often than they hit the target. 2020’s offseason is approaching, and it’s the same story. What will the Eagles do at wide receiver? With a potential ten draft choices, they’d be wise to invest an early draft pick to help the cause.

There will be options early, and there will be some under-the-radar talent if the plan is to add an additional receiver in the later rounds. Take Antonio Gandy-Golden, formerly of the Liberty Flames for example. He’s a six-foot-four, 220-pound prospect that registered 79 receptions for 1,396 yards and ten touchdowns in 2019. He doesn’t satisfy Philly’s need for speed, but he has every other tool that you’d like a receiver to have. He improved his already trending draft stock a lot at the Senior Bowl.

Here are 15 more of the best options that should be around towards the end of Day 2 or on Day 3 in no particular order.

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