3 potential free agent targets for Eagles from 49ers in 2020

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The Philadelphia Eagles could benefit from considering a few potential free agent options from the San Francisco 49ers for 2020.

If all goes well for the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, both teams will end up being two of the top contenders in the NFC once again during the 2020 season.

While the Eagles saw an early elimination in January during the playoffs after losing in the Wild Card Round to the Seattle Seahawks, the 49ers actually managed to earn a trip to the Super Bowl before coming up short against the Kansas City Chiefs.

As frustrating as this was for San Francisco since they played great for the most part in the Super Bowl up until the second half of the fourth quarter, the team still has plenty to be proud of when considering they only won four games the year before.

With that being said, as previously mentioned, there’s every reason to believe the 49ers will remain a top contender due to all of the talent on both sides of the football, but also San Francisco will face the difficult task of trying to bring certain players back.

Just like every other team in the NFL, the 49ers realize how it can be nearly impossible to bring back every potential free agent since sometimes a player’s asking price could be too high, but at least this could work to the advantage of the Eagles.

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Since Philadelphia has numerous areas in need of improvement over the next few months to be in better position for the 2020 season, here are three potential free agent targets worth considering from San Francisco at the moment.

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