A three-step plan for a successful Philadelphia Eagles 2020 offseason

(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

Every offseason is important, but the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2020 offseason may be the most important of the Doug Pederson era. Here are three steps to success.

Might 2020’s offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles be the most important of the Doug Pederson era? Many would say that it does certainly feel that way. After winning the Super Bowl to conclude the 2017-2018 season, Philly’s regressed in each of the past two seasons. A loss in the Divisional Round in January of 2019 to the New Orleans Saints was followed by a Wild Card loss this past January.

The roster is in shambles. There are new coaches and quite a bit of worry. The Eagles’ future success depends on this offseason’s moves. Here are three steps that would ensure that they are successful.

1. Moving on more quickly from guys they’re emotionally attached to has to happen more quickly.

This one’s obvious. The Eagles’ last two seasons have left much to be desired from a roster standpoint. This team is aging at a rate that seems to be more rapid than the other 31 franchises.

They’ll potentially have ten draft picks. They’ll have money to spend. This team needs to hit the bull’s eye. They just can’t keep missing on wode receivers and corners.

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2. Remove the bad apples.

This one’s obvious. Identify the guys who don’t want to be here and get rid of them. Over the course of the past two seasons, the criticism of quarterback Carson Wentz from anonymous sources has gotten out of hand.

Much has been made about the identities of these mysterious sources, and though no one has any real evidence, the vibe is everyone knows who those guys are. They have to go, even if that means Philly takes a cap hit.

3. Re-sign ’27’ and the ‘Green Goblin’.

Lastly, when Eagles vice president and general manager Howie Roseman expressed a desire to get younger, there was one guy that we can all agree wasn’t a part of that analysis. Malcolm Jenkins is a freak of nature and must be re-signed.

Not only that, extending Jalen Mills would be key in Philly gaining some stability and leadership in the secondary. There is no doubt upgrades are needed, but veteran leadership is invaluable. Jenkins has been the glue holding the Eagles defense together over the last few years. Jalen Mills is arguably the best corner on the roster.

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Both are fully capable of helping spearhead the Eagles to another championship run. This team is too talented to get left behind in 2020, but change is needed too. Again, this is the most important offseason of Doug Pederson’s tenure.