Could Jerry Jeudy actually fall to Philadelphia Eagles in Round 1?

A top wide receiver prospect could unexpectedly fall to the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft after some disturbing news.

Just hours before the draft, Philadelphia radio and TV personality Natalie Egenoff broke some unfortunate news. Her report states that former Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Jerry Jeudy underwent a previously undisclosed surgery to repair a meniscus injury that he dealt with during the 2018 season. Jeudy has been projected as being the first receiver off the board in 2020’s selection meeting, but now, he could potentially fall in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Might he still be available when the Philadelphia Eagles are on the clock at 21?

Ideally, first-round additions should be someone who can contribute almost immediately to a team’s success. Boasting stats like just under 1,200 yards receiving and ten touchdowns during his senior year, Jeudy easily fits this mold.

That being said, this recent development may cause teams to shy away from the impressive receiver in favor of someone who appears to be more durable and has a better chance of being one-hundred percent healthy when the 2020 regular season kicks off.

Jeudy’s agent tried to calm things, but several members of the media, including Derrick Gunn of NBC Sports Philadelphia and ESPN’s Adam Schefter, had already verified what we had heard. In some comments made by Schefter on 97.5 The Fanatic, he referred to Jeudy’s injury as “a lingering knee issue.”

Take a look at what Gunn had to say.

The Eagles are no strangers to injuries themselves. The roster, at the end of the 2019 season, looked like the cast of The Benchwarmers after multiple starters including DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery had their seasons ended prematurely due to injury.

Philadelphia is in dire need of a standout wide receiver. Even with potentially productive free agents still available like Marqise Lee, the Eagles have saved their offensive moves for the draft. Thoughts of a young, budding star joining the team are exciting, but not as much if their past is already dampened by injury.

Philadelphia cannot continue to endure the loss of key players to injury every season and expect to continue to enjoy success. The current rhetoric surrounding Jeudy is predominantly negative, but the likelihood he will succumb to another injury early in his career is slim. In his defense, the long-term benefits will likely outweigh the (possible) cost.

If the Eagles are lucky enough for Jerry Jeudy to fall to the 21st pick after this news, Philadelphia should snatch him up in a heartbeat. He has the speed that Philadelphia has been yearning for, and has an instinct for how to play the game. A meniscus tear which was repaired two years ago is water under the bridge for a young player and shouldn’t greatly hinder his potential in the NFL.