Carson Wentz gives his opinion on Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts

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Almost ten full days after the Philadelphia Eagles selected Jalen Hurts in the second round of the draft, we finally get a response from QB1, Carson Wentz.

It’s been quite a week for Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. He’s officially entered one of life’s most rewarding spaces, fatherhood, and almost ten days after his “Birds” took a quarterback in the second round of the most recent NFL Draft, former Heisman runner-up Jalen Hurts, Philly’s QB1 took a few moments to speak with several members of the media via phone.

You can best believe Hurts’ name came up.

Let’s not waste a ton of time. Here are a few of the highlights.

What was 11’s initial reaction to Philly’s decision to draft a quarterback?

It took one question to get to QB1’s thoughts on the rookie.

"With Jalen, I’m excited to add him to the team. I know how important the quarterback position is and how important the dynamic is for me and the other guys in that room. I’ve been blessed over the years to have some incredible, not just quarterbacks but incredible humans and friends in that quarterback room. We really endure a lot together, so I’m excited. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Jalen, and the kid he is and the player he is."

Wentz also added that he’s excited to create a “healthy, competitive, (and) challenging environment” for the team’s quarterback room.

Does this affect how QB1 feels the team values him long-term?

"It didn’t concern me. My reaction was “I” understood. I had a feeling that there was a chance that we’d draft somebody, just given the way our roster is laid out, trying to get younger and stuff, so there’s no concern for me. I think the team showed their investment in me last year and I have nothing but confidence and faith in them… I think it’s all about strengthening that position and this group that we have. If I were to start questioning Howie and the management now, I’d really be questioning myself."

Wentz went on to praise the Eagles’ brass and re-emphasize his belief that they’ll continue to put the best 53-man roster together that they possibly can, but that last sentence is a very interesting one. It says something, and that’s this.

Eagles fans and some members of the media may be questioning some of the vice president and general manager Howie Roseman’s decisions, but the team’s leaders in the locker room haven’t lost any faith in what the franchise is doing.

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Then again, it’s kind of ridiculous to believe that they’d criticize him publicly, isn’t it? You definitely don’t expect to hear any public criticism from a guy who’s been bombarded with the barrage of negative press by so many anonymous sources. Check out the full interview if you missed any of it. As usual, a lot of good stuff came out of this one.