Philadelphia Eagles schedule 2020: 5 Games not to overlook

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2. Cincinnati Bengals: Week 3 (Home)

All things considered, even with Joe Burrow now running the offense, a team like the Eagles should have little trouble earning a win against a team that appears to be heading towards a year of rebuilding in the Cincinnati Bengals.

But also, a game like this has trap written all over it for Philadelphia, and if they fail to take the proper approach, Burrow could come through with a major wake-up call for the defending NFC East champions.

As difficult as it was for the Bengals to move on from Andy Dalton this offseason to pave the way for the former LSU star in Burrow, this was clearly a right move by the organization.

When looking at all of the struggles from over years on offense, even though it wasn’t entirely Andy Dalton’s fault, the unit was clearly in need of a fresh start at quarterback.

Burrow will most likely experience some of the rookie struggles quarterbacks tend to go through during their first NFL season, but also he will have a handful of weapons like A.J. Green and Tee Higgins to work with on offense.

In other words, if Philadelphia thinks they are going to see the two-win team from last season when facing Cincinnati, the Eagles will be in trouble.