Philadelphia Eagles schedule 2020: Ranking easiest to hardest games

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Baltimore Ravens: Week 6 (Home)

As much as the Baltimore Ravens don’t want to hear it, they are the perfect example of how there are no guarantees when it comes to playoff contenders in the NFL.

Otherwise, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens would have gone on to win the Super Bowl this past season.

After watching Jackson put together a MVP campaign in just his first full year as the starter, Baltimore appeared to be a lock to earn a trip to the Super Bowl when seeing how much of a nightmare their offense was for opponents.

Instead, the Ravens suffered a shocking loss in the Divisional Round to the Tennessee Titans, meaning there’s a good chance John Harbaugh’s team will be extra motivated for a shot at redemption in 2020.

The good news for Baltimore is when looking at all of the talent on both sides of the football on top of Jackson expected to take another step forward as a top quarterback in the league, the Ravens should have little trouble continuing to be a top contender.

Even with Philadelphia possibly having a slight advantage over this contest being at home, Baltimore will be determined to score as many possible points, no matter how great the Eagles’ defense may look.