Philadelphia Eagles schedule 2020: Ranking easiest to hardest games

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Pittsburgh Steelers: Week 5 (Away)

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have what it takes to bounce back in 2020 after missing out on the playoffs last season?

First off, let the record show that Pittsburgh’s season most likely would have turned out much better if the offense didn’t lose Ben Roethlisberger early on with an elbow injury, and learn the hard way their backup quarterback situation was a complete disaster.

While it may seem unfair to criticize Mason Rudolph or Devlin Hodges since they aren’t exactly the most experienced quarterbacks in the NFL, it’s also difficult to feel bad since the whole point of being on the Steelers roster is to fill in when needed.

If Rudolph or Hodges were more reliable, chances are the Steelers would have been able to earn one of the Wild Card spots in the AFC instead of collapsing down the stretch last season by losing each of their final three games.

Normally, a team like Pittsburgh would be higher on a list like this since they are usually always a top contender in the AFC under Mike Tomlin, but things are clearly different after last season.

There’s always the chance of the Steelers turning out to be a serious threat once again in the AFC if Big Ben manages to stay healthy, but for now, this seems like the perfect spot in regards to toughness on Philadelphia’s schedule.