Philadelphia Eagles: 5 better options than LeSean McCoy for 2020

LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

5. Isaiah Crowell

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons Isaiah Crowell is most likely still available probably has something to do with the fact that he missed all of last year with the Las Vegas Raiders after suffering a torn ACL towards the end of April.

One can only imagine how different the market would have been for Crowell if the running back never suffered the unfortunate injury, but sooner or later, there’s a good chance one team will be willing to give him a shot.

As bad as it sounds, certain teams may not be in need of help at running back during this very moment, but sadly Crowell could find work if some team has to deal with some sort of injury.

Looking at the current situation with the Eagles, the argument can be made that Philadelphia doesn’t absolutely need to add a running back like Crowell, but also could benefit from ending up with a potential steal since he would most likely come at an extremely cheap price.

Crowell has yet to officially break the 1,000-yard rushing mark in five seasons of action in the NFL, but the 27 rushing touchdowns from 77 games does stand out enough to make this a move worth considering for the Eagles.