Ranking Philadelphia Eagles top 12 starting duos by their position

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Jalen Mills #31, Rodney McLeod #23 of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

If we were to rank what we believe to be every Philadelphia Eagles starting duo for 2020, where would everyone fall?

Every year, there will be roster battles. Every year, the debates that concern them will lead to a few side-eyes, possibly some raised voices, and for passionate fan bases like that of the Philadelphia Eagles, the possibility of a few canceled dinner reservations. We argue because we care.

The change in all of our lifestyles has also contributed to overanalysis. More time at home has allowed some of us more time to think, and when we get restless, the sports fan in us starts looking for football fans to share our theories with. Heading into the Summer, roster battles are always a key point of discussion.

Rookie camps and mandatory minicamps were canceled, but the discussions about who’s going to make the team and how productive we expect them to be haven’t slowed any.

Some of Philly’s roster is cloudy. Some of their position groupings seem t be set, at the top of the depth chart at least. Here’s where every potential starting duo on this Eagles ranks from bottom to top. We begin with one of their most talked about and puzzling units.

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