2 Reasons Philadelphia Eagles need to consider Jonathan Williams

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Jonathan Williams #33 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Jonathan Williams is definitely someone the Philadelphia Eagles should consider adding.

In a game where free agency is just as important to team building as the league’s draft is, Philadelphia Eagles fans and the fans of any of the other 31 NFL teams are just going to have to realize a few things. There will always be “team needs”. There will always be turnover, and there will always be circumstances where lesser-known talent is ushered into the background as teams, the media, and fans fawn over names that are more recognizable. Just look at what’s gone on with Jonathan Williams.

It was easy to overlook him during the most recent “free-agency frenzy” as the former Second-team All-SEC nod’s story was bumped by tales of whether or not the Tennessee Titans would retain Derrick Henry, stories of Melvin Gordon trading one AFC West team for another, and former Eagle Jordan Howard traded a midnight green jersey for the orange, navy blue and aqua of the Miami Dolphins.

There are many NFL stars that have found new teams, but as of the beginning of the final full week of May’s calendar month, Williams remains unsigned. There have been questions about how seriously Philly should take the idea of pursuing Devonta Freeman and whether or not a LeSean McCoy reunion is in the works, but truthfully, Williams may be Philly’s best option if they’re interested in adding another running back.

Here are two reasons why that’s the case.

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