Philadelphia Eagles: Initial thoughts on camp’s biggest roster battles

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Head coach Doug Pederson of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

It’s time we talk Philadelphia Eagles 2020 roster battles.

The time has finally come. Then again, if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, the argument can be made that the current state of affairs isn’t any different than the way things have been around the “Birds” fan base since the draft closed and Philly added all of those undrafted free agents.

Throughout the past four offseasons, the topics haven’t changed much. The same things we were discussing in 2017 were the same things that we were talking about heading into the 2020 offseason. Why does it feel like this team has no respect for the linebacker position? Who’s going to step up at cornerback? When is this team going to surround Carson Wentz with weapons?

Those were the topics then. We’re still talking about them now. Hopefully, the most recent free-agency period and draft have solved some of that, but we won’t know that for sure until the games count.

The Eagles have a tough regular-season schedule ahead of them, but before they do anything, they’ll need to put a 53-man roster and a ten-man practice squad together. It looks like a training camp is on the way. Here are a few initial thoughts concerning Philly’s three most interesting offseason roster battles.

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