Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Brooks is already ahead of schedule

Philadelphia Eagles all-pro Brandon Brooks is already ahead of the game.

Three-time Pro Bowl nod Brandon Brooks suffered a season-ending injury three times during the course of a 17-month period. He’s a champion as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ Super Bowl-winning team and to those who deal with anxiety issues. He may also be an alien from another planet.

How else do you explain a man tearing his Achilles during a Divisional Round game in January of 2019, being back on the field for the following season’s opener in September of that same year, tearing his other Achilles in June of 2020, and being seen participating in jiu-jitsu training sessions with a walking boot on just two days later? Normal people can’t do that. If the news breaks, at some point down the road, that Brandon Brooks is from Mars or something, none of us should be surprised. Never question his mental or physical toughness. He’s already ahead of the game both physically and mentally.

Who better to quote than the Philadelphia Eagles star about his own rehab?

Flashback to June 16th. Right after Brooks detailed the specifics of his most-recent injury, the hearts of Eagles fans sunk just a tad, but the expectation is clear. He’ll be back in the fold for the 2021 regular season.

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For Brooks to conquer yet another rehab (keep in mind he also separated his shoulder at the end of 2019’s season), the limitations or lack thereof of his body won’t matter much if he isn’t ready to handle the challenge mentally. Well, we all know that won’t be an issue. In a recent talk with Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks of NBC Sports Philly on their highly-popular Quick Slants, Brandon Brooks made his intentions clear.

I plan to pick up where I left off, as the best in the league. That’s just my mentality as far as attacking the rehab, and that’s what I expect when I get back.

Everyone should be on notice. Here’s more from the man that’s seen his name added to the Pro Bowl roster in each of the last three seasons.

(Expletive) don’t faze me, man. It’s part of life. I just roll with the punches like Ali, man. The second you sit here and cry about, ‘Why me? it could have been somebody else,’ or whatever? That’s the second you lose.

It’s hard to agree with the logic. As an Eagles fan, you love to see it. Brooks deals with anxiety and is an example and an inspiration to others who do the same. As mentioned, each of his last three NFL seasons has ended with his name being placed on his team’s IR (injured reserve). His most recent stumbling block isn’t the end of his story. It’s another chapter.

“Positive attitude goes a super long way (and) I’m never going to get down on myself”. Those words stick out. Expect to see “79” on the right side of the Eagles line again. Heck, with this guy’s work ethic and with the way he pushes himself, don’t be shocked if he’s back on the field sooner rather than later. If Philly makes a playoff push, it shouldn’t shock any of us if he isn’t out there. It’s not like we haven’t seen him beat the odds before.




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