Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson takes his apology a step further

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Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson is taking his apology a step further.

“He is not getting released”. Those words came from Rotoworld NFL not too long before dinnertime on the East Coast as the NFL world, particularly the Philadelphia Eagles fan base still tries to comprehend what DeSean Jackson was thinking. We all make mistakes, but it’s never a good thing when words like antisemitism and racism are being tossed around.

As much as we’ve given DeSean Jackson credit for being a more mature version of the man who unceremoniously was dismissed from the Eagles after the 2013 season, there’s no excuse for a 33-year old man attempting to quote Adolf Hitler in an Instagram post.

The best thing that can be done in times like this is to seek the fastest route to healing and ensure that a better decision-making process is being utilized by the man in question. The Eagles organization and DeSean Jackson have both made their attempt to offer an apology. Now it seems as though DeSean is taking things a step further.

Here’s some good news for Philadelphia Eagles fans and everyone else.

According to a report by NBC Sports Philly’s John Clark, DeSean Jackson apologized to Eagles chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie on July 7th. Then, he issued another apology via his Instagram account. First, here’s that second apology.

Now, here’s that quote from Clark.

"I’m told the Eagles told DeSean he needs to be active to promote equality. DeSean and his reps have spoken to Rabbi Doniel Grodnitzky of Chabad Young Philly to help and DeSean will be educating himself."

The Eagles have been a team and an organization that has given second chances before. Look no further than what went on with Michael Vick following his dogfighting scandal.

Philly’s brass analyzes every situation separately. We’ve seen that on more than one occasion, and it appears that much of the fan base has already gone the route of forgiving DeSean Jackson for his actions.

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According to a poll by The Philly Voice‘s Jimmy Kempski, most Eagles fans believe “10” deserves a second chance. We’ll have to wait and see if the Eagles decide to give him one and whether or not he makes good on any second chance that’s granted. Based on what we’re seeing and hearing so far, he’s willing to take a step in the right direction. That’s a good sign.