Philadelphia Eagles 2020 training camp profile: QB Nate Sudfeld

Nate Sudfeld, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Nate Sudfeld, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

So, Sudfeld has the backup Philadelphia Eagles quarterback job locked up, huh?

If you’ve read ITI on more than one occasion, you’re well aware of the fact that some of the staff is never going to head up the Nate Sudfeld fan club. Let’s be honest. Philadelphia Eagles fans are both knowledgable and opinionated, but whether anyone wants to admit this or not, Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson both know how to do their job better than any of us. That’s why they hold their respective positions, but sometimes, it’s hard to understand what they’re thinking.

Our staff has tried to be objective and argue these topics from the other side, but we can’t come up with an explanation for why Mack Hollins stayed on this team for so long, why none of these wide receivers coaches knew Greg Ward was better than the receivers this team kept playing, and why Nate Sudfeld has this coaching staff so infatuated.

Still, even with all of that being said, unless he gets injured, if Carson Wentz goes down with some sort of injury, Philly’s coaches are going to do everything that they can to make sure Nate Sudfeld is the guy that gets the bulk of the starting opportunities. They really like this young man.

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There isn’t much to talk about concerning Nate Sudfeld and the Philadelphia Eagles up to this point.

Sudfeld entered the league in 2016 as a sixth-round selection by Washington, the 187th-overall selection in that year’s draft. That’s 185 slots and five rounds after the Eagles took Carson Wentz if anyone is taking notes.

Since then, he’s appeared in three NFL games with no starts, all with Philly. There was that exhilarating 6-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on the final game of the 2017 season, a game where he went 19 of 23 for 134 yards. He threw one pass versus Washington in 2018. That one was a touchdown. You know the one. That’s when the ball was given to the kid in the stands and he and Nelson Agholor begged for the kid to give it back.

Sure, it was his first career touchdown pass, and they gave the kid a ball. It just looked bizarre if you were watching. Other than that, there isn’t much on Sudfeld’s NFL resume to discuss.

On August 8th of the 2019 preseason, he broke the wrist on his nonthrowing hand. That injury wouldn’t end his season, but it was clear by that point that Philly had settled on Josh McCown as the backup, even if they acted like they didn’t.

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Okay, Philadelphia Eagles fans. Here’s your 2020 season outlook.

As mentioned, the Eagles love this guy. On March 24th, he was re-signed to a one-year deal, but now, with Jalen Hurts in the fold you have to ask some serious questions.

Are we even certain that Sudfeld is a better backup than Hurts? We aren’t, are we? We know a package is in place to get the rookie quarterback on the field. Sudfeld will enter 2020’s preseason as the second quarterback on the depth chart, but make no mistake about it. Hurts is fully capable of beating him out for the backup role.

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Here’s the prediction for how his Philadelphia Eagles training camp looks.

Expect for Sudfeld to get the bulk of the starting reps during the preseason, assuming there are two preseason games. By now, you have to assume that he should have earned everyone’s confidence as the clear-cut backup. The truth is he hasn’t.

He’ll make the team, but don’t be surprised if Philly drafts another quarterback in 2021. This is, after all, the NFL’s “quarterback factory”.