Top 5 questions surrounding beginning of Philadelphia Eagles camp

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2. We talk about how the lack of an offseason will hurt the players, but what about these Philadelphia Eagles coaches?

One look around the sports world will tell you just about everything that you need to know about the seriousness of Coronavirus. Star players are opting out of the regular season, not just in the NFL but also in the other major sports leagues. That’s understandable. We’re talking about men with families and children. Why wouldn’t they be concerned about their health and the health of their loved ones above all else?

Here’s something we can say about all of the 32 NFL teams though. They employed the best of the best from a medical standpoint. Sure, we’ve all picked on Philly’s doctors from time to time, but according to the NFLPA, the Eagles’ safety plan has been approved. That’s comforting, but as much as we’ve talked about player safety, we haven’t mentioned the safety of coaches as often. What happens if one of those guys gets sick?

Recently, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson touched on that,

"I’ve thought about that quite a bit… We have to have a plan for everything… One of the things that we’ve been faced with, and I think we’ve done a really good job here, is we’ve overcome some of the injuries we’ve had the last couple of seasons… We’ve coached that next guy or that next player has been able to go in and perform at a high level, but now I think that has to carry over to the coaching staff… I think there has to be a plan in place for any coach or any staff member that may miss a couple (of) days or a couple (of) weeks because of the virus"

Each of Philly’s coaches was allowed to quarantine at home for a week before undergoing a COVID-19 test in anticipation of the players’ arrival for training camp. Again, three players have found their way onto the reserve list, but based on what we heard from Coach Pederson in his pre-camp presser, there’s no need to panic, at least not yet.