Top 5 questions surrounding beginning of Philadelphia Eagles camp

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4. We can’t talk about the Philadelphia Eagles or their camp without talking about Carson Wentz, can we?

Half of the fans think Carson Wentz can’t play. Much of the NFL media feels the same way, and now, it appears as though most of his peers agree. Following a near-MVP season in 2017, “11” earned a top-five appearance on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2018. As you know that list, just like every other list of its kind, was generated by players’ votes.

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Then, just as he did in 2017, Wentz found his way onto the team’s IR (injured reserve) in 2018, and he watched Nick Foles lead Philly to three straight wins to close the regular season and to within a few throws of landing the “Birds” in a second consecutive NFC Championship Game appearance.

Wentz fell from the top five to land in the nineties in 2019 and, then, as many of you have heard thirty times by now, he fell completely off of the list in 2020.

Here’s what needs to be understood about Carson Wentz. Arguing about who he is, what he is, or how good he is, at this point, serves no purpose. People have long stuck their respective flags in the dirt. Everybody has picked their side. Everyone has formulated their argument. No one is budging.

There’s only one way that everyone will back off of their critical stances. The “Wentz Wagon” needs its tuneup. It needs to roll through the regular season without breaking down. It needs to carry its team deep into the NFL Playoffs. Then again, that may not do it. Carson Wentz needs to win a Super Bowl. He may never be seen in the category he needs to be seen in until he does so. Year five of the Doug Pederson, Howie Roseman, and Carson Wentz era is upon us.