Philadelphia Eagles undrafted rookies get their jersey numbers

Grayland Arnold (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Grayland Arnold (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

13 Philadelphia Eagles undrafted rookies finally get their jersey numbers.

For the 13 Philadelphia Eagles who enter training camp as undrafted free agents, the road would have been tough enough under normal circumstances, but with the current climate and with the safety measures that have to be honored in the wake of a global health crisis, the deck seems to be stacked in a way that it’s never been stacked for any prospect entering the NovaCare Complex over the course of the past few seasons.

Don’t tell these guys that though. They didn’t show up to the “City of Brotherly Love” to lie down and give up on a chance at making Philly’s final 53-man roster. They’re here to compete, and even though it may not seem like a tremendous step in that direction, at least they’ve got some jerseys with numbers on them now.

Here’s a quick breakdown of who will be wearing what number among these 13 Philadelphia Eagles prospects.

Here’s what we have. On offense, center Luke Juriga, guard Julian Good-Jones, and tight end Noah Togiai will wear 74, 61, and 85 respectively. At the skill positions, running backs Michael Warren and Adrian Killins Jr. and wide receiver Manasseh Bailey will rock 38, 46, and number three. On defense, roster exemption Matt Leo will wear the number 64, while defensive tackle Raequan Williams will also wear 61 just like Good-Jones.

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That brings us to what seems like 20 defensive backs on Philly’s roster. Those that fall under the category of undrafted shake out like this. Elijah Riley (48), Michael Jacquet (46), Prince Smith (41), and Grayland Arnold (33) all got their new fits, as did linebacker Dante Olson (59). Everybody’s official now, at least for the time being.

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As mentioned, all 13 of Philly’s undrafted rookies will have a tough hill to climb if they’re to make the roster, especially with minimal grass time and no preseason games to prove themselves, but stranger things have happened. No one wants to see any injuries, but they do happen. If anything goes wrong during camp or in the regular season, these are the guys that Philly may call on first to pay huge dividends. Could one of them wind up being the next Corey Clement, T.J. Edwards or Greg Ward? Let’s hope that there are a few stars in the bunch.