Philadelphia Eagles: Fletcher Cox shares his thoughts on Peters, Hargrave

Jason Peters (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jason Peters (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

A Philadelphia Eagles’ star just dished on new guy and future Hall of Famer.

He isn’t always spoken about as being one of the vocal leaders on the Philadelphia Eagles roster, but you can best believe that, when Fletcher Cox shares his opinion about anything, his teammates won’t be ignoring what he has to say. It’s the same with the rest of us. ’91’ is the best player on Philly’s roster. He’s been carving out a career that could potentially end with a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction for a while now.

Recently, following Philadelphia’s first full-padded practice of the season, several members of the media sat down with him to pick his brain a little. Everything was on the table, including team rookies and vets, and here are a couple of highlights.

Let’s talk about one of those Philadelphia Eagles injuries.

For most of us, the day began with some conversation about who wouldn’t be competing with their brothers during what truly feels like the first day of camp. JJ Arcega-Whiteside didn’t practice. Neither did Duke Riley. What was really concerning was three other names that were mentioned, and they belonged to three guys that figure to start and play major roles in how 2020’s regular season plays out.

No one wants to think about Jason Peters battling injury already or Derek Barnett and Javon Hargrave possibly being unavailable for the season opener, but that appears to be where things are headed. On Monday, Cox spent a little time discussing all of that and more.

Here’s some of what he had to say about Hargrave’s injury:

"(This just means that we) give a bunch of guys more reps. We know that ‘J’ (Hargrave) will be alright. Malik’s getting some reps… Some other guys will be getting some reps, but we’ll be ready for ‘J’ when he comes back and gets ready."

Heading into 2019, Cox and Malik Jackson were expected to be a force on the interior of Philly’s defensive line all season. Then, Jackson got hurt in game one and missed the remainder of the season. It appears that Hargrave could miss the Eagles’ opening game. Let’s hope he’s back on the field sooner rather than later.

Iron figures to sharpen iron during Philadelphia Eagles camp.

The aforementioned Jason Peters is expected to return before both Barnett and Hargrave. He’s been classified as ‘day-to-day’. If you want to know why Cox is so good, maybe we can attribute some of that to the fact that he’s spent so much time battling one of the game’s best guards, Brandon Brooks, in practice.

With Brooks out, he’ll get to sharpen his skills versus the future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, better known as ‘The Bodyguard’ Here are a few of Cox’s thoughts on Peters:

"I mean J.P.’s an athlete. The guy has been around. He’s seen a bunch of ball. He’s a really impressive athlete for his size for a guy (that’s) his size. I think, just going against each other and competing each day, we’re only going to make each other better. He’ll be new to that position. We’ll talk a lot (and) communicate a lot, but (I plan to) just go out and compete against him every day as if Brandon Brooks is in there. (Brandon and I) compete every day. It’s about getting him better (and) getting me better and just getting better as teammates."

There you have it. There isn’t much that needs to be said after that, but isn’t it nice to finally be talking about training camp again?