Philadelphia Eagles legend blasts Nathan Gerry on Twitter

Nate Gerry, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Nate Gerry, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

A Philadelphia Eagles legend just blasted one of the young guys.

Ouch. That’s all that you can say. Philadelphia Eagles fans complain about their linebackers, how they perform, and how the franchise doesn’t put any stock in the position all of the time. How do you think the guys who have played the position feel? What do you think Jeremiah Trotter and Seth Joyner think about when they watch these guys play?

Well, if you’re a ‘Birds’ fan, you don’t have to guess about the theories of the latter. By now, you’ve probably learned that Joyner doesn’t have any issues with telling you exactly how he feels, and following a third-quarter drive that put the Cincinnati Bengals on top of the Eagles by one point, one where Gerry got lost in coverage, Joyner let it rip.

Take a look.

The Philadelphia Eagles have to put stock in the position.

Joyner’s comments echo the frustrations of an angry fan base that has been getting more and more frustrated with Nathan Gerry‘s play. In Week 2, he was picked on over and over again by the Los Angeles Rams, often successfully, and it feels like, we may need to start having conversations about, not only what Gerry is seeing, but also about his confidence.

Much has been made about Philly’s lack of respect for the linebacker position. There has seemingly been a revolving door there since Andy Reid was in town. They haven’t drafted one in the first round of any NFL Draft since they took Jerry Robinson out of UCLA in 1979.

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Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz never seems to be on the hot seat. It seems like he should be now. He seems to have lost his guys, and when your defensive line has some issues and the secondary isn’t holding up in coverage consistently, you need the second level to perform even more. That isn’t happening in Philadelphia.