Philadelphia Eagles: At what point do we blame Press Taylor?

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images) /

When are Philadelphia Eagles fans going to place some blame on Press Taylor?

Okay, so last year, Philadelphia Eagles fans and just about everyone in the media blamed Mike Groh. He was fired, among others. Philly elected not to hire an offensive coordinator, and Rich Scangarello and Marty Mornhinweg were added as these super-secret weapon consultants. That was supposed to fix everything, well that and those other new coaching hires on both offense and defense.

Needless to say, it didn’t. This Eagles offense is worse than it’s ever been under Doug Pederson, and ever since the Super Bowl win, the ‘Birds’ have taken a step backward in each season that has followed. They’ve gone from a few passes from a second-consecutive NFC title game appearance to a Wild Card Game loss to an 0-2-1 start in 2020.

We’ve blamed Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson. We’ve blamed Jim Schwartz, the defense, and Carson Wentz. The question is when are we going to blame position coaches like wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead and quarterbacks coach Press Taylor for the roles they’ve played (or haven’t played)?

For this Philadelphia Eagles team, there has to be some accountability.

So lately, this is what things look like. Carson Wentz throws a pick, and he heads to the sideline. There’s no direction. Head coach Doug Pederson isn’t talking to him. None of the other coaches are talking to him. Occasionally, you might see him with Nate Sudfeld, but that’s about it.

This is a far cry from what you see in New Orleans with Drew Bress or in Kansas City with Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs head coach, former Eagle Andy Reid. Wentz isn’t getting any direction or making any in-game adjustments, and it’s hard to watch. It’s almost like the team is freelancing their way through games.

Here’s what we know. Doug Pederson isn’t giving up the playcalling duties, so we’re all stuck there. Apparently, Scangarello and Mornhinweg offer in-game advice. It’s just difficult to state what that advice is or when it’s happening. What we can all agree on is this. Coaches have to be coached, and when it appears that Wentz is on the sideline throwing helmets and there’s no Press Taylor around to get in his ear, that isn’t happening.

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It’s time to hold the quarterbacks’ coach accountable, seeing as how every time fingers have been pointed, none have been pointed at Press. It’s time we realize that much of what Wentz is dealing with is his own fault, but his coaches aren’t innocent in this either. Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins’ best years came under Kyle Shanahan. Carson Wentz’s worst showings have come under Press Taylor. Do you see the pattern? At this point, you have to ask if Taylor’s only reason for being in town is because he’s Wentz’s buddy. If that’s the case, he isn’t a coach at all. He’s an enabler.